Birthday Special: 5 Lesser-Known Facts About Ritwick Chakraborty That Will Put You In Awe

As the super-talented actor from Parineeta and Jyeshthoputro turns a year younger, here are some not very known facts about him.

1. He was a medical representative

Ritwick Chakraborty
(Source: Instagram)

One of the most brilliant actors in the Bengali film industry, Ritwick Chakraborty, is also known for being extremely humble and down-to-earth as a person, despite his staggering success in all the realms of theatre, television and movies. On his birthday today, we take a look at some lesser-known facts about this powerhouse of talent.

Before Ritwick forayed into the world of acting, his first career was in sales– as a medical representative! He later took the decision to drop it in pursuit of his true passion, and has not looked back since. We couldn’t be more glad about this!

2. A family man

Ritwick Chakraborty-Aparajita Ghosh Das
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Ritwick is married to fellow actor Aparijita Ghosh Das, and they have starred in the films Ek Phali Rodh and Chalo Let’s Go together. Their relationship started out as friendship which began when Ritwick used to write dialogues for a teleserial called Jibon Khonje Jibon , where Aparajita played the lead. They kept things super private when they started dating, and even their marriage was a low -key affair as they wanted to avoid being under the public eye. As a husband, Ritwick says he is quite the romantic. Today, the two have a three-year-old son called Upamanyu.

3. Loves Travelling

Ritwick Chakraborty
(Source: Instagram)

Ritwick loves travelling, especially to mountains and jungles, and posts pictures from his past trips on his social media page. He loves being surrounded by nature, as we can see.

4. A cricket fan

Kapil Dev
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Ritwick enjoys watching cricket and used to be a crazy fan of the former captain of the Indian team, Kapil Dev. He recalls how he was really excited to take his autograph when he had met him in the earlier days.

5. Enjoys comics

Ritwick Chakraborty
(Source: Instagram)

Did you know that Ritwick enjoys comics and is an ardent fan of the classic Adventures of Tintin by the French creator Herge? He even has these delightful figurines of the characters, like Captain Haddock and of course, Tintin himself.

Which of these facts about Ritwick Chakraborty did you like the most? Tell us in the comment section below!

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