Birthday Special: Navdeep, Who Has Risen Like A Phoenix, Is An Inspiration For Youngsters

On the occasion of actor Navdeep's 34th birthday, let's give him the big and loud applause that he truly deserves!


Stars are born overnight, but a true artiste finds their way through the crowd and to the stage. When they arrive, it’s no less than a mic-drop moment. One such artiste, who has finally arrived, is Navdeep. Born as Navdeep Pallapolu, the popular Tollywood actor is known for his awe-inspiring acting skills, wit, charm and humour. He started as a lead actor in a feature film in 2004. And now, 16 years later, the man has broadened his horizons and has been a part of every possible media available. Today, as he turns 34, let’s give him the much-deserved and much-awaited applause! *Louder from people at the back*

Watch the trailer of Navdeep’s Ragini MMS 2 here:

Having started as the ‘hero’ with no film lineage, the actor bagged success immediately. But nothing worth having comes easy. And, that’s what happened with his next few films. For the next few years, the actor performed his best and yet was met with failures, after failures. However, the sun rises again. Navdeep, like a phoenix, rose from his ashes again along with the sun. By now, the last thing that the performer could hold on to was inhibitions. And that’s when he happily experimented with everything that came his way.

Navdeep Screenshot
Navdeep Screenshot

From supporting roles to the on-screen baddie, Navdeep proved everyone that all he needs is a camera and he could do magic. Let’s not forget that he is the one to make the Telangana accent impressive, in Chandamama, before it became a trend. Navdeep also tried his hand in Bollywood films. Recently, he starred alongside the well-known celebrity, Sunny Leone in Ragini MMS 2. Earlier, he was part of two OTT projects and earned great appreciation for his work. Allu Arjun’s latest film, Ala Vaikunthapurramlo showcases Navdeep as a grey character. And within just a few days, the actor has won compliments for his acting prowess.


In recent times, the actor has done a lot more than we talk about. All films and projects aside, Navdeep has taken time to shape himself into a healthier human. Of course, with the help with strict training, he has shaped himself into the fittest version. His hashtag #SixMonthsOfNoSugar is actively promoting youngsters from choosing healthier options. Not only that, but he is actively involved in ensuring that we leave the world in a better state. From recycling plastic to making notebooks to taking up projects to save the coral reef, Navdeep has been out there helping the world.

Navdeep CSpace
Navdeep’s CSpace

While the times are highly competitive, this man is out there making some space for the talent that deserves a chance. Just because he has seen tough days, Navdeep set up a company that promotes and trains young minds to make brilliant content through CSpace. If he’s achieved so much at 34, we’re excited to see what he brings to the table as he ages like fine wine.

Wishing this handsome man, and a brilliant actor the happiest birthday!