Birthday Spl: 5 Rare Facts About Actress Anu Prabhakar Mukherjee That All Fans Should Know

Continuing to inspire fans and keeping the 'woman-power' mode on is the beautiful actress Anu Prabhakar, now Mukherjee, who turns 39 today!

A Smiling Still Of Anu Prabhakar Mukherjee

Actress Anu Prabhakar was born in Bengaluru on 9th November 1980. She tied the knot with fellow actor Raghu Mukherjee three years ago. The ever-smiling actress, who turns just one short of 40 years this year, recently appeared with her husband Raghu Mukherjee on the Zee Kutumba Awards 2019 and the duo looked adorable.

Anu is the daughter of MV Prabhakar, a BHEL employee while her mother Gayatri Prabhakar is an actress. Why the birthday star is my favourite? Is because, despite her 12-year long marriage to Krishna Kumar, the humble actress parted ways with her old life in the most courageous and graceful way possible.

In an interview with a leading media daily the actress said, “Everyone has a past and it is important to not hang on to it but let it go to start a new life. You need to respect your partner’s past and communicate well with each other, trust and respect them for a better relationship.”

She further added, “I received a lot of support and positive feedback when I decided to end my first marriage and move on. Most of our fans wished Raghu and me well, but there were some of them who were critical about the separation and remarriage.”

Let’s now check out some amazing facts about the birthday girl and lovely actress Anu Prabhakar Mukherjee

1.  Raghu Mukherjee and Anu’s marriage was decided by both their mothers, which turned out in their favour

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2. Anu’s mother is none other than Gayathri Prabhakar, who plays the role of Girija in the hit show Bramhagantu

3. Her upcoming 2020 film, will focus around Akka Mahadevi, a 12th Century poet and sources say Anu will be playing a dual role

4. Anu has won the Karnataka State Film Award for Best Actress for her films Shaapa (2001) and Pareekshe (2010) alongside the Filmfare Award for Best Supporting Actress for the film Mussanje Maathu (2008)

5. Together, Anu and her beau Raghu Mukherjee have an adorable daughter named Nandana

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