Born In July? You Might Share These Traits With Ranveer Singh, Kriti Sanon And Others

While some July borns are highly energetic, some are very emotional. Know other traits you share in common with these July born celebrities.

July is the month of transition. The climatic changes and the slow transformation of seasons occur during the month of July and this could be the reason why the July born people are extremely moody and their mood swings can go from zero to hundred in seconds! July born people are blessed with a sense of fashion and are usually the fashionistas who give out some necessary couture advice to their peers.

The sun signs of people born in with July are Cancer (Born between June 21 and July 22) and Leo (Born between July 23 and August 22). When it comes to high amounts of energy and the will to achieve, July borns excel in it. And a fitting example from Bollywood is our favorite energy bomb – Ranveer Singh! The actor celebrates his birthday on the 6 July. He is an exemplary persona who knows how to carry off any kind of bizarre and new fashion. And well, we all know about his energy levels and his pursuit of success!

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Another famous trait of July born people is that they are super focused and organized. They can lead as well as be a part of a team and manage it efficiently. They are also exceptional when it comes to strategizing and hard working. MS Dhoni, the ex-captain of the Indian Cricket Team, is an example of a strong mind and strong game! Captain Cool knows how to win the match without blurting a single abusive word. He keeps his focus and brings the trophy!

A picture of Priyanka Chopra from a photoshoot
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July borns are also very emotional. They tend to stick to their roots and family values no matter where they head off to create their own place in the world. July borns have a strong power of memory and they hold onto it. They are extremely expressive and find it difficult to hold back tears and emotions. This also makes them sensitive and good at heart, as they lookout for people in problems and help them conquer it. Priyanka Chopra born on the 18 July is an example of this soft-hearted yet confident combo! The actress has made a name for herself not only in Bollywood but also Hollywood, yet she still fasts on Karva Chauth and celebrates Holi with her family, says a lot about holding onto one’s roots!

Kriti Sanon on the sets of a film
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July borns of the other half of the month are usually dominant and know how to rise up and conquer their dreams! These people with the Leo traits are strong-willed and have a smaller group of trusted friends and acquaintances. They shoot to fame with sheer hard work and once they are at the top no one can pull them down! Kriti Sanon, born on the 27 July, is one of the actresses who broke all barriers of nepotism and performed really well in her films like Raabta, Heropanti, and Dilwale.

Sanjay Dutt strikes a pose on a film's sets
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July born people are not materialistic but financial security means a lot to them. They want to settle down financially and become stable before they can choose their life partners and go ahead with their future. Sanjay Dutt celebrates his birthday on the 29 July and the actor is a perfect example of this. He married Maanyata Dutt only after his case was almost solved and he was ready to optimistically step into the future. Sanjay Dutt is also an emotional and family person which makes him a perfect July born!

kiara advani in manish malhotra lehenga
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One exceptional trait of the July born people is that they never give up. They constantly work towards their goal and are driven by the drug of success. These people put massive amounts of hard work for their dreams to come true. Kiara Advani is an example of this. The actress celebrates her birthday on 31 July. She failed several times before becoming the lead of the blockbuster hit Kabir Singh! Are you a July born too? Comment below and let us know!

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