Boys, Here’s Why You Should Get Inspired By Arjun Chakrabarty And Try Kettlebells

The actor, who is a well-known fitness enthusiast, posted a new video about his workout session with kettlebells. Check it out.


Being fit is a lifestyle choice and many of our beloved celebrities strictly adhere to this. Be it eating clean or working out every day, each actor has a special routine that they follow. ZEE5 Original Series Satyamev Jayate actor Arjun Chakrabarty is one such fitness addict. The Satyameva Jayate star is a complete fitness-enthusiast who takes his health seriously and no matter how busy his schedule is, never skips a workout. The star is also known to regularly post photos of his workout to motivate his fans.

Recently, the actor posted a video of him trying the kettlebells. Despite the intense workout regime followed by him, Arjun just makes this exercise look very simple. Check out his video now.

Kettlebells are one of the most common types of equipment that are available in every gym. Thanks to the increase in users following Crossfit and Strongman training regimes, it has helped this equipment grow famous. Kettlebells, due to their small size and portable features, allow you to use them for any flexible exercise routine.

Here are three reasons why kettlebell workouts are necessary for your workout regime.

1. Builds your core: Kettlebell workouts are known to help in increasing your heart rate, burn extra fat and also tone your muscles. Sticking to kettlebell workout keeps your core engaged and builds your strength while correcting your posterior.

2. Helpsincrease your mobility: While helping you strengthen your core, kettlebells also help in increasing your mobility. The exercises combine cardio and flexibility training which target multiple muscles of your body.

3. Increase your range of motion: Kettlebells tend to stretch your hamstrings to the maximum extent. Proper exercise schedule helps to open your hips and loosen your hamstring muscles enough to allow your body to increase your range of motion with every iteration. This is helpful for people who tend to feel restricted.

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