Broken But Beautiful Season 2: 10 DOs And DON’Ts To Deal With A Breakup

Veer and Sameera's story in Broken but Beautiful is proof that breakups are devastating. No split is easy, but here are few tips that can help you.

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Veer was in a delusional relationship with his ex-wife, even after she was dead. Sameera, on the other hand, went to extreme lengths to get her former flame back. Vikrant Massey and Harleen Sethi’s story in Broken but Beautiful is proof, breakups ain’t easy. A split can really shake you up, and leave broken. But like Veer and Sameera, it is important to find the good. It is essential to know you can be broken but beautiful too. And while it may take all the strength and courage you can find within to accept and process the end of a relationship, it is vital nonetheless. Thus, we have rounded up some dos and don’ts, based on Veer and Sameera’s experiences, for you to get through if you are coping up with a breakup.

The Do’s:

1. Axe contact.

No matter how silly it sounds, it helps. Purge contact with them! Also, steering clear of social media might be a great idea if you want to save yourself the embarrassment of making emotional breakup posts. Do not be the crazy ex who stalks their accounts or calls them from someone else’s number.

2. Lean on your loved ones.

It’s okay to be a train wreck. Call your best friend or confidante, let them know how you feel, cry your eyes out and express as much as you want.

3. Mourn in silence.

You will feel a flood of emotions, like a hurricane has hit you out of nowhere. You might want to shut yourself off to the world, do that. Take your time. Feel it all.

4. Accept and acknowledge.

After you have given yourself enough time to mourn, prepare yourself for the real world. Channel the emotions in a healthy direction. It is important to not lose yourself to this breakup. Know that you deserve happiness. Know that it the split has taught you something. Find the good.

5. Rediscover, reinvent, rebuild.

Focus on yourself. Surround yourself with those who love you, try new things – a hairdo, new workout. Get that promotion you have been longing for! Take the trip you always wanted to. Do everything you feel makes you happy!

The Don’ts:

1. Jump into bed with your ex.

Breakup s** is a terrible idea. Intercourse released oxytocin aka ‘cuddle hormone’ in a female body. This can be extremely harmful if you are doing it, someone, you are trying to get over as it will make you put your guards down. Remember why you broke up, abstain from jumping into bed with your ex. Thank me later!

2. Trash talk your ex.

Avoid going deep into conversations that mention your ex. Trust me, trash talking them only makes you bitter. And bitterness my friend doesn’t suit anyone.

3. Rebound.

Rebounds don’t fix a thing. Flirting with another hottie, positing pictures with someone to make your ex feel jealous, feeling wanted by just anyone is not fair, to you or the other person you are dragging into the mess. It will only end in hurt. Allow yourself to heal, properly and completely.

4. Fake it till you make it. 

Don’t toughen up and kill yourself inside. Don’t try to bury your emotions because it will only make you something you are not.

5. Abuse drugs and/or alcohol.

You can’t numb yourself or have fun every night under the influence. Time heals all wounds. Remember that.

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