Dabur Honey Hello Fitness Episode 01 Review: Tamannah Bhatia’s Fitness And Diet Revealed

Tamannah Bhatia chats with host Karan Wahi about keeping fit during the lockdown . Is she guilty of cheating on her regime? Find out!

Dabur Honey Hello Fitness (6)

The latest lockdown edition of a shoot-from-home show that ZEE5 has launched is up on the platform! Dabur Honey Hello Fitness is a chat show in which celebrities reveal their secrets of fitness and diet. The show is hosted by Karan Wahi, a fitness freak himself. The sudden curfew on stepping outside the houses placed us in an unprepared situation. This is what happened with Tamannah Bhatia as well! The actress who follows her diet and fitness routines religiously, was in a fix when she did not find her weights or any other equipment at her home. Read on to know how she tackled it.

Watch the episode here.

Karan is the perfect choice of a host for this show. The show begins with the introduction of celebrity fitness mantras. Tamannah Bhatia’s chat with Karan Wahi in this first episode is not only educational and informative but also fun and wits! The duo laugh it out over their similar dislikes for unpalatable and healthy food. The show has a sequence in which the celebrity has to choose if they are guilty or not guilty of having performed some unfit activity, for example, binge-eating popcorn while watching a series!

Dabur Honey Hello Fitness (6)
Source: Zee

Tamannah and Karan also talk about the role and importance of Honey in the diet. Tamannah has revealed that she likes Dabur Honey as a substitute for sugar and uses it in all baking products. Some of Tamannah’s lockdown workout ‘jugaads’ are also revealed on the show. The chat show is interesting and a must-watch if one wants to look like their celebrity role model!

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