Director Kedar Shinde Salutes Writers In Marathi Industry With His Video #LaukarachBhetu

The Aga Bai Arechyaa 2 director recently shared a video as a tribute to the writers who entertain us throughout the year.

Kedar Shinde

Coronavirus has led to a collapse in economies across the globe. The pandemic has proved to be the cause of worry for the entertainment industry as well. Several artists, especially those hailing from theatre, have lost their jobs as it is uncertain when they will get to act in plays next. Backstage artists, technicians, lightmen seem to be the worst affected by the lockdown. Writers who play a crucial role in the industry are also a part of this list. Director Kedar Shinde recently uploaded a video as a tribute to the writers who entertain us throughout the year. The director thanked these writers and hoped that he gets to meet them soon.

Watch Kedar’s film Aga Bai Arechyaa 2 here

In the video that Kedar uploaded on Instagram, he expressed gratitude for every film, television, theatre writer in the industry. These writers along with others are staying put at home and following the restrictions of lockdown. Kedar remains hopeful that this situation will soon end like every other creative block in the life of a writer. The Aga Bai Arechyaa 2 director is optimistic that writers would begin with a new chapter in their story and signed off by saying #LaukarachBhetu which means ‘see you soon’ in Marathi. With this video, Kedar wants to stress on the importance of artists who are desperately hoping for the lockdown to end so that they could get back to entertaining us. This video is part of a new series named #LaukarachBhetu conceptualised by the talented director. Kedar is receiving praise from his fellow mates of the industry like Siddharth Jadhav who has shared the video on his Twitter feed.

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