Don’t Miss: 9 Popular Films And Series Review In Just 3-Lines On World Haiku Day

Here's a fun attempt to review the most binge-watched films and series on ZEE5 in haikus (poems in three lines).

Haiku Movie Reviews

Haiku Reviews of series and films on ZEE5
Source: ZEE5

Yes, we have a lot of time at home and we are are bored enough to keep a track of World Haiku Day. We’ve looked back at some of our favourite shows and films on ZEE5 and tried to review it in 3-line poems, or as they are called, Haikus.

1. Mentalhood

Mentalhood Poster
Mentalhood Poster

Mentalhood might seem like a dramedy about parents and children but there’s so much more to it.

Oh! A funny dramedy about mothers,

Wait, this just got serious,

It’s not motherhood, It’s Mentalhood.

Watch the trailer for Mentalhood here.

2. Simmba

Poster of Simmba featuring Ranveer Singh
(Source: Instagram)

The hit Bollywood cop film Simmba needs no introduction and neither does this iconic dialogue from the film.

Aala re aala Simmba aala,

Singham aala,

Sooryavanshi pan aala.

3. Never Kiss Your Best Friend

Never Kiss Your Best Friend teaser poster
(Source: Instagram)

Here’s a plot of Never Kiss Your Best Friend in a nutshell without all the emotions and conflict which make the series interesting.

A boy and girl can be friends,

We are not friends anymore.

Now we’re in love.

4. The Verdict: State V/s Nanavati

The Verdict State vs Nanavati review
(Image Source: ZEE5)

The Verdict: State V/s Nanavati is based on the same case that the movie Rustom tried to depict. However, this series is a more factual account of what happened and seems like a completely different story from the movie.

Wait didn’t we see this story before,

This is how the ‘murder’ happened?

Reality is stranger than fiction

5. Rangbaaz

Rangbaaz and Rangbaaz Phirse posters
Rangbaaz and Rangbaaz Phirse posters

For this series we have taken a popular dialogue from the second season of Rangbaaz, “Ek baar bandook se goli nikal gayi…toh phir goli jaane aur nishaana jaane, chalane wala toh sirf dekh sakta hai”

Ek baar show release ho jaaye,

Toh remote jaane aur TV jaane

Dekhne wala sirf dekh sakta hai.

6. State Of Seige: 26/11

State of Seige series poster
Source: ZEE5

State of Siege: 26/11 tells the true incidents of the November 2008 attacks. This series will shock and scare you before making you realise how important the contribution of the NSG commandos was.

We could have avoided this attack?

This is really getting out of control

Okay the NSG has it in control.

7. The Final Call

The Final Call series poster
The Final Call series poster

The Final Call starring Arjun Rampal, Sakshi Tanwar, Neeraj Kabi among others is an intense psychological thriller about a suicidal pilot who tries to kill himself during a flight.

He’s going to kill himself,

He’s going to kill everyone.

He’s going to save everyone?

8. Shukranu

Shukranu film poster on ZEE5
Shukranu film poster on ZEE5

Shukranu is a satire set in the Emergency era of the 70’s. This film talks about the forced sterilisation campaign organised by the government at the time.

A man gets a forced vasectomy,

Makes two women pregnant

Blames Indira Gandhi.

9. Rejctx

Cast of ZEE5 Original web series REJCTX
(Source: ZEE5)

Rejctx is a coming-of-age music drama. This series tells the story of high school hip-hop group that tries to navigate their tricky teenage years.

Remember high school? 

Same problems

With better music.

Think you can come up with your own three-line review of your favourite film or series? Tell us in the comments below.

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