Durga Puja Special: Try This Easy Radhika Apte Look This Ashtami And Turn Heads

Wondering about your look for this special day? We decoded a simple make-up look by the Pendulum star that you can do at home easily.

In the Bangla film Pendulum, Radhika Apte plays Nandita, a girl who works in an ad agency. She is dating Baban (played by Samadarshi Dutta, a college student. But then Nandita has another admirer too, Bony, who is too afraid to approach her. While we loved Radhika’s acting chops in the movie which is a multitude of stories, we find Radhika worthy of emulating in other aspects too. She has an easy sense of style without going too glamorous and her make-up suits her girl-next-door image. So this Durga Puja, while you are thinking of what make-up to do, we got make-up artist Gianluca Casu of Faze Management, Mumbai, to decode an easy-to-do beauty look by Radhika. Read on.


Start by cleaning the skin with a cotton pad and lotion. Mix some moisturising cream with 2 drops of oil on your hand and massage it gently onto your face. Use a tissue to dab the face, removing any excess moisturiser. Now take just 2 drops of primer and apply it on your entire face.

Radhika Apte (Source: Instagram)


Try to choose the perfect foundation for your skin, preferably one with a luminous colour and a comfortable texture. Apply 4 drops on your face (forehead, chin and cheekbones) and blend it with a brush. For this look you will need to use two different shades of concealer — one more orange and one more beige. You need the orange one for the dark circles/under eye, and the beige on the rest of the face just to make the skin luminous and flawless. Use a beauty blender or a brush to blend it all together.


Use a bronze eyeshadow over the entire eyelid, then with a brown pencil draw a very thin line above the lashes and blend it out. Apply a little mascara and with the wand, separate the lashes from each other. For the last step you will need brow pencils. Put the colour on the brows, trying to cover any spaces, and with the brow brush blend it, keeping it within your own brow line.


Start with a gentle scrub for the lips, just to remove any bits of skin, and apply a soft lip balm. To make it easier, use a red line on the contour which will give your lips just a bit more of volume. With a lip brush, blend the lipstick inside of the lips with two steps — making the colour more intense.

Radhika Apte (Source: Instagram)

Cheeks and face: 

A little bit of bronzer to define and sculpt, and the highlighter around cheeks and back of the nose. That will set you for your outing.

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