Enter The Land Of Fairies With Your Child In ‘The Enchanted Mountain’ On ZEE5 KIDS

When the last time you enjoyed a fantasy drama film with your child? Here's your chance to explore a mystical mountain of eight fairies on ZEE5 KIDS.

The Enchanted Mountain

ZEE5 KIDS brings to you The Enchanted Mountain, an animated film that will transport you into a fantasy world. You will discover a part of the mystical mountain which is the land of mesmerising fairies. During the Coronavirus #Lockdown, you and your family can witness the happily-ever-after of a nobleman who falls in love with no intention to do so. The film also gives you a visual of beautiful animals and birds of the forest. Most importantly, it reveals the secret of how a single good deed can lead to boons and blessings!

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Atop Mount Kungang, humans and animals live peacefully. A young flautist, Mudal, who with lives his mother and pet animals, often plays the flute in the forest. One day, a hunter sneaks in and wounds a fawn. Mudal hears the painful screams of the fawn and runs to check. He sees the hunter and stops him from killing or harming innocent lives in the forest. The hunter rebels against Mudal and fights him. Avoiding the brawl, Mudal picks the dying fawn and takes it to his mother.

Mudal’s mother bandages the fawn’s wounds and gives it some warm water to drink. The fawn immediately falls in love with the kindness that the family showers on it. In the evening, the fawn plays with Mudal’s pet duck and feels a little better. At night, when Mudal goes out to play the flute, the fawn sees him in its dreams. It wakes up and talks to the duck, saying that Mudal’s picture is constantly in front of its eyes, even when it closes them. The fawn plans to go to the forest the next morning.

Fairies on The Enchanted Mountain
Fairies on The Enchanted Mountain

From the kingdom on the secret part of the Enchanted Mountain, ruled by a powerful emperor, eight gorgeous fairies fly to the forest. They come to bathe in the river and sing songs to each other. The fawn’s jaw drops in awe of the fairies’ beauty and charm. All of them wear shiny white garments with a golden crown on their heads and a pair of transparent sparkling wings. Mudal is dragged to the forest by the fawn and the duck to see the magic of these fairies. Mudal is spellbound at the sight.

Princess Aaran, the daughter of the Emperor, loses her wings and is left behind in the forest. She cries alone when Mudal offers to take her to his house. Aaran suspects that Mudal has stolen her wings under the pretext of taking advantage of her magic and beauty. Mudal and his mother treat Aaran well and she falls in love with them. One day, she finds her wings lying in the forest, but doesn’t want to go back to her land. The spell from her kingdom pulls her back. In love, Mudal goes to her enchanted kingdom and marries her!

Unravel the story of the mystical and magical fairies by watching the animated movie The Enchanted Mountain on ZEE5 KIDS.

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