Every Human Is Possessive, The Extent May Vary: Shorshe Ilish Actor Indraneil Sengupta

The ZEE5 Original film actor chats about de-glamming for his role, going to the fish market and more. Read on.


In the ZEE5 Original Film Shorshe Ilish, actor Indraneil Sengupta plays the role of Abir, a possessive husband who is always insecure about his wife Alo (played by Ankita Chakraborty) and thinks that she might be having an affair outside. His jealousy leads to troubles in their relationship. We caught up with the actor over phone for a chat about his role, his real-life persona as a husband and more. Here are edited excerpts from the first part of the interview. Read on.

What made you decide to do ZEE5 Original film Shorshe Ilish?

I thought the script and idea were very interesting. Secondly, the character of Abir was something for which probably I don’t come to someone’s mind so predictably. So I was glad that Utsav (director Utsav Mukherjee) thought of me for something like this. I was very keen to do something which is not really me as a person.

A scene from Shorshe Ilish (Source: ZEE5)

How did you prepare for your role?

I think the acting part of it is something that you have learnt from the skillset that you have learnt in the profession. As for the look and all, actually I was sporting a beard. So when Utsav called me, I said I will do this on only one condition, and that is I will not shave. Because I didn’t want to shave (laughs). Utsav said, ‘No that’s fine’.

No Shave November?

(Laughs) I didn’t even know something like that exists. This was in September-October and I was growing my beard. I had some greys also in my hair and beard. So, I said I am going to do it like this and asked if he was ok with that. Utsav said it goes with the look because we are trying to downsize you as a personality. I said ok. And then he gave me these unsmart clothes to cut down whatever glamour is there. The acting part was something I guess I have learnt over the years a little bit.

Indraneil Sengupta ans Ankita Chakraborty in Shorshe Ilish (Source: ZEE5)

How does it feel to de-glam?

I like to de-glam. I am a completely simple and basic person. I like being like that. I am against dressing up. I don’t like to dress up for anything. If I need to make a social appearance or go to an event, I almost start getting cold feet since morning, thinking that I have to dress up and all that. So that’s not something that comes to me naturally. De-glam is very me. I am actually very comfortable in that space. When I shoot also, if it is a story is where I don’t have too many changes or I don’t have to change at all, I would love that. I don’t have really gel my hair. So that wasn’t a concern for me at all.

In Shorshe Ilish, we see you going to the market to buy ilish. Do you go to the market to buy fish?

No no, that I don’t. That is completely done for the movie. I won’t be good at it also because I have never done it.

Do you cook in real life?

No, I don’t cook at all.

A scene from the film (Source: ZEE5)

How different or similar are you from the character of Abir in real life as a husband?

I think there are certain similarities and there are dissimilarities. I think the possessiveness. I think every human being is possessive. As a husband or a wife, you are always possessive about your spouse, up to what extent that varies. Today in an urban society and considering the kind of environment we live in, I think we all have adapted. We are much more liberal towards a lot of things. But I think somewhere in the corner of your heart, there is a little bit of possessiveness always. Whether you express it or not or live with it, I don’t think anyone is devoid of possessiveness. If anyone claims otherwise, I think that is a farce.

There is always a little bit of possessiveness because that’s how we are conditioned. But not as much as Abir, because that is almost a clinical stage of possessiveness. I think all of us are always insecure about everything – about our jobs or the people we love. In Abir, of course, the insecurities are heightened. But I don’t see anything unnatural about the character. I think it is very believable. I think it’s not a very rare thing for a person to go through something like that. I have heard of. It’s a very real space. It’s not exaggerated. There are people like that.

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