Everything You Need To Know About ZEE5’s Original Series Mrs. Subbalakshmi!

Here's all that you need to know about this series starring Lakshmi Manchu in the lead role.

Mrs Subbalakshmi

Mrs Subbalakshmi is a ZEE5 original comedy series that features Lakshmi Manchu, Srinivas Avasarala and Adrus Raghu. The series is about a housewife, who’s upset with her marriage to an ignorant and workaholic husband, that has been neglecting her for long. Tired from this mundane life and daily routine, she decides to spend some quality time with herself and also informs her family not to get in touch with her whatsoever. However, things take a wild turn when Subbalakshmi goes on this impromptu adventure!

Written by acclaimed writer Balabhadrapatruni Ramani, the show is seen raising a lot of relevant issues. For instance, Subbalakshmi’s husband tells her to keep aside all her hobbies and interests, and just focus on doing household chores and raising their kids. He also forgets their wedding anniversary which is then portrayed as a saturation point for her.

Her journey, then onwards, is what really grabs the attention of the viewers. We come across a series of subplots along with other stories. The series also contains backstories, action sequences and comedy apart from a clear message about women empowerment. While it is about women empowerment, the subtlety in which the message is slipped in, holds the attention of the audience.

A still of Lakshmi Manchu
A still of Lakshmi Manchu

Needless to say, Lakshmi Manchu known for her glamour, has toned down for this role and has given out one of the best performances as she effortlessly plays the role of Subbalakshmi who is a housewife but perfectly brings out the fact that there is more to her. A slow revelation of her true character traits is surely a treat to the eyes.

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