Exclusive! Anya Singh: Initially I Thought Nakuul Mehta Was Just An Old, Stuck Up Man

Anya's first impression of her Never Kiss Your Best Friend co-star Nakuul certainly seems to have changed, for now they get along like a house on fire

Anya Singh and Nakuul Mehta at NKYBF promotions

“Genuine,” “Respectful,” and “Really fun,” are some of the adjectives Anya Singh would use to describe her Never Kiss Your Best Friend co-star Nakuul Mehta. A millennial rom-com, the ZEE5 Original web series stars Nakuul and Anya as best friend Sumer Singh Dhillon and Tanie Brar against a London backdrop. In the first few seconds of their meeting, one can safely assume their reel-life friendship has culminated into a real one even after the cameras stopped rolling long ago. As they keep answering for each other in a rapid but fiery segment, we dig deeper about Nakuul as told by Anya.

3 words that describe Nakuul.

Genuine, respectful and really fun

Nakuul: Feisty, honest and endearing

Three things about Nakuul that annoy you the most.

His jokes, they are terrible! I hate that he is such a morning person – yeah, I hate it.

What surprised you the most about Nakuul?

That he’d crack such lame jokes. The quality of his jokes…I can’t tell you. (Nakuul interrupts, and says the beard and the jokes don’t go together) I remember the lamest one, and he was laughing as if it’s the funniest joke in the world. My first impression of him was very different. He is super relaxed and super easy. Initially, I thought he was an old man who is just stuck up.

Once he told me, “You know Anya, I will never forget you. You are very unique, ya.” I asked him, what do you mean? Till date, I don’t know if he meant it in a positive manner or a negative manner. He messed up with my head and left it at that.

One fear you want to conquer in 2020.

Fear of the dark, I am petrified of darkness.

How similar are Tanie and Anya in real life?

Tanie and I are very similar. We talk a lot. We both make a lot of mistakes.

How much of Sumer do you see in Nakuul?

I think he (Nakuul) made Sumer his own. They are not really the same person. He got comfortable

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