Exclusive: Being Flawed is Magical, Says Kaale Dhande’s Sanskruti Balgude Aka Kimaya

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Zee5’s Marathi original Kaale Dhande, is a story of Vicky, a budding photographer, who lands himself in a soup. From getting accidentally involved with a mafia gang to facing a rocky relationship with his girlfriend, the character played by Shubhankar Tawade is shown having some really bad experiences in the series! Released in October on Zee5, Kaale Dhande is the first venture of Marathi cinema, that has proven to be pathbreaking, with its bold content. This series also stars Mahesh Manjrekar as an antagonist, and the veteran actor marks his debut with the same, in the digital space.

Watch a clipping of how Vicky finds himself in deeper trouble with every choice he makes:

The female love interest of Vicky’s character, Kimaya, is shown as a strong-headed girl, played by Sanskruti Balgude. We got into a candid exclusive conversation with the actress, at the High Five at ZEE5 event, which took place recently. Read on to know about all the revelations, that the actress makes.

1. You have worked in television shows and films before. How was it different for you to work in a digital space?

As compared to television, I have always preferred films more, because there is a short amount of time in which you need to prove yourself and that is challenging. So when I started doing web content, I think it wasn’t as difficult. It was more comfortable because we got to present things as they were. There was no restriction on language, or what you could and could not say. That was one enriching experience as there are some restrictions in the film space. The production and shooting process was similar to that of a film, but there were no regulations on set.

A Still Of Kaale Dhande
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2. So when you read about your character Kimaya from the series, could you relate to her?

She was not at all a person I could relate to. The way she is practical and focused, I am not. She knows how to take things in control, I don’t know how to do that. The script was written by our director Ramchandra himself. So playing this character, was just like living up to his expectations. I loved Kimaya, when I read the script and I wanted to play her part. I am glad that I did. In comparison with the male protagonist in the series, which is played by actor Shubhankar Tawade, I think Kimaya’s character is much more composed. If you compare the scenes, I have fewer and hence, I had to prove myself in those few scenes. I wanted to make a mark in the series. 

3. Kaale Dhande is a bold concept and new for the Marathi cinema. Being an actress, do you think actresses are subjected more to criticism for bold scenes than actors?

First of all, let us classify what is bold; people who label content as “bold” are watching porn themselves. So, such people can’t decide if something is obscene or not. I think the way Kaale Dhande is presented, it is not bold. It is just something that was the need of the hour, and such concepts have been introduced long back. The series is not just about showcasing wrong things but also about how you can save yourself from landing into trouble. Kaale Dhande was path-breaking and well-appreciated in the Marathi cinema. Concerning your question, I think people hype it much more when a girl is shown doing kissing scenes and the guy gets away with it. Even when the scene is well presented it still tarnishes the image of a girl. I think people need to start treating bold scenes as part of the script, and nothing more. 

4. How was your experience working with Shubhankar? Do you have any scenes with Mahesh sir?

No, I didn’t have any scenes with Mahesh sir, though I have worked with him before. I wanted to work with Nikhil Ratnaparkhi, I am a huge fan of his. About working with Shubhankar, Satish Kaushik and Saurabh Shukla once quoted “if people are praising you as an actor, believe that it is because of your cast, and not you alone.” It hit me really hard because it is so true. If people said I was great, it was because Shubhankar supported me and vice-versa. Everyone helped each other throughout the series. It all went effortlessly.

5. You personally have a strong fan following social media. Do you think actors are pressured into being on social media these days?

I think it is both. We thrive on people giving us attention. I get extremely bothered by the fact that I have to regularly post on Instagram and be active. You have to be friendly, and people these days are clever and very judgemental. You have to be fashion conscious. It’s a pressure, but you can’t help it. 

6. The young girls like to look pretty like the actresses they follow. But then they get pressurised into looking good all the time. Do you have any message for them?

I just want to tell them that beauty is a myth. The kind of years that you put into this industry, you have to get groomed for it. With the aura, you start looking good. It comes with your experience and with the way you work. I tell people that being flawed is magical and perfection is a bore. I keep telling everyone that I am not beautiful, I have flaws. And I would like to tell all the girls to accept your bodies and beauty. Curvy and skinny both are okay. Embrace yourself. If you accept yourself, people will accept you.


We think the actress has an oomph factor and really does carry herself well. What do you think about the views of this beauty? Let us know in the comments section below.

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