Exclusive: Javed Jaffrey Aka Bittu From Never Kiss Your Best Friend Is A Hopeless Romantic

Javed Jaffrey talks about why he agreed to play the romantic rockstar who everyone thinks is a khadoos man.

A Still of Javed Jaffrey

One of the most viewed rom-com during the lockdown was Never Kiss Your Best Friend. It was so successful that they’ve now come up with a special series just for the lockdown! This includes brilliant new cast members, amazing performances, relatable storyline and some great quality show, shot entirely during the lockdown. Anya Singh and Niki Walia have gracefully reprised their roles of Tanie and Happy aunty while the amazing Javed Jaffrey and charming Zain Imam have effortlessly joined the cast as Bittu mama and Zayed respectively. This special has already proven it’s a heartwarming entertainer with delectable writing and execution. Here we have the suave and smart Javed Jaffrey shedding some light on his experience while shooting for the show and how to take care of ourselves and others during this lockdown.

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Here are few of the interesting moments from the interview with Javed Jaffrey, you can watch the whole interview exclusively on ZEE5.

You have a release during the lockdown, so how surreal is that?

Besides the release, the surreal part was the shooting itself. The director is in his house somewhere, the cinematographers are in Dubai, one actress is in Delhi and the other in London, One of the actors is in Mumbai, and the E.P. is in Rajasthan. How we coordinated all this was unique.

Your character name was coined by Niki Walia, who calls her own brother the same name. How was it shooting with her and the others?

Niki and I had made a film called Lupt around two years ago. She’s a lovely girl. I know Bitto too. Bittu mama is a hopeless romantic rockstar who got this facade of being this khadoos guy. Because he doesn’t like his sister since something happened between them, which is another backstory. His niece has come to stay with him but it’s the lockdown and she stays on the floor below him. They don’t meet each other since he is paranoid. He also makes the food to be made in her section of the house, and just needs the food to be left outside his door. What hooked me was that this man has been in love with a woman for 30 years and is now hosting a show on tea because that woman loved tea. He’s hoping that maybe somewhere she’ll see this and connect. This kind of romance is very unique. Bittoo also listens to Pink Floyd and wears tracksuits while hanging around. I wanted him to have long hair but lockdown didn’t let me get that wig arranged to go with the character.

What would you like to tell the fans? During this time of the pandemic, what is your mantra?

I don’t think its a mantra that will work. Kuch nahi hai boss, bolna bohot aasan hai. We’re sitting in an air-conditioned house, a 3-4 BHK for a family. Those 7-8 people who are sitting in a 1 BHK are going through something else. For us, it’s very easy to tell these people to be brave and calm, but the truth is that we can never imagine what they are going through. I can’t even empathize with their situation. What we can do is give them a solution. It’s something tangible like food or money or medicines for their kids that they need. That’s what people like us can do for them. You don’t have to shower them with wisdom but help out literally instead, at least those who can, should. 

You can watch the entire series exclusively on ZEE5