EXCLUSIVE! Jimmy Sheirgill: Rangbaaz Phirse Is Based On Those Who Got Pushed By The System

"There are so many people who had to become criminals because of the system," Jimmy revealed in an exclusive interview. Read more inside.

Jimmy Sheirgill in a still from Rangbaaz 2

Jimmy Sheirgill started out as the ultimate chocolate boy in Mohabbatein and Mere Yaar Ki Shaadi Hai, followed by exemplary performances in the Saheb Biwi Aur Gangster series, while also dipping his toes in the comedy genre with Tanu Weds Manu and Happy Bhaag Jayegi. In short, his filmography has been not only extensive but also heterogeneous. “It was a conscious choice,” Jimmy tells me when I met him at the ZEE5 #BingeHolidays December 2019 Line-up launch. In yet another fresh offering, ZEE5 Original crime thriller Rangbaaz Phirse, Jimmy is all set to essay the role of a Rajasthani gangster. A shy but a swagster of a star reveals what made him sign the digital drama and what is it about. Read the excerpts below:

Q. What’s new in Rangbaaz Phirse?

A. To start with, the story is different. It is based on the hashtag, ‘#Not born a criminal’. They were supposed to be someone else but got pushed by the system to turn into criminals. So, the first story portrayed was of someone else and the second story is based on some other person.

Q. What were your reasons for doing the web series?

A. There are so many reasons. When I was told that they are making Rangbaaz Phirse and they want to meet me in person for narration, I was okay with it. Later, when I met them for the first time and realised that it was Nishi’s (Nishikant Kamat) team that was making it, Sachin was directing it and the same writers were on this project, I was amused as to why did they approach me through ZEE5. Because I knew these people! I told them that they could have directly called me and spoken to me. Anyway, I heard the story and loved it. Sachin was present and was adding his bits as a director while the writer was narrating it. I had also watched the previous season and the story was great. So, there was a good story and a familiar set of people and I signed up for the show.

Q. Like you mentioned, it’s based on the hashtag #NotBornACriminal. Explain your stance on the same.

A. What I think is that there are so many people who had to become criminals because of the system. They were not born like that. They were gold medalists and would have been on a different level had the system not forced them to turn into criminals. This series is about such people, which I think is a great initiative.

Stay tuned for more interesting tidbits about Jimmy Sheirgill and Rangbaaz Phirse.

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