Exclusive: Prasanna Reveals How He Prepared To Play Ravi Prakasam In Thiravam

There was a lot of homework that I had to do to get that perfect look of a nerdy scientist who balances his emotions for his daughter.

Prasanna in Thiravam

Actor Prasanna, who has never backed away from experimenting with his characters and his movie themes has taken a step further. And this time this versatile actor has chosen the format of web series to test his mettle. Prasanna who was last seen in a 2018 film, Kaalakoothu, is now a part of a ZEE5’s latest offering, Thiravam. The plot of the series revolves around Ravi Prakasam, a character essayed by Prasanna, who invents a controversial herbal fuel which leads to a series of events that change his whole life.

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Now the actor has undergone a major transformation to essay this character of a middle-aged scientist. In an exclusive talk with the actor, Prasanna recounted his transformation into the character. The actor said, “The character of Ravi Prakasham is old and he is way over my age and his only priority apart from his work is his daughter, so there was a lot of homework that I had to do to get that perfect look of a nerdy scientist who balances his emotions for his daughter.”

Further, the actor said, ” Director Arvind Krishna has to be thanked for giving me this opportunity to bring about the change in my personality. He gave me a certain amount of freedom where I could experiment with my body language, my mannerisms and my attitude. And this was a new experience for me for I got an opportunity to imbibe Ravi Prakasham’s character in its true sense.”

Later when asked about the preparations that he had to undergo for this role, the actor said, ” The script was very well written and it gave me a lot of ideas and points which helped me to change into the character of Ravi Prakasham.” When asked about his visible paunch, the actor laughed and said, ” Initially we had thought of using prosthetic tummy, but then when we tried it out it did not look correct, as my body was thin and my tummy just jutted out and so I was asked to put on some weight. The impact of the change was such that when I had put on the makeup for Ravi Prakasham many people on the set did not even recognise me to be Prasanna.”

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