Exclusive: Vidya Malavade On Kaali 2: I Insisted On Doing My Own Action Scenes

"They felt that I'm so thin and tiny I won't be able to jump over boxes and beat people." Vidya reveals how she got the role of a cop in Kaali 2

Vidya Malavade in a still from Kaali 2

Vidya Malavade gained fame as the captain Vidya in Chak De India! Since then she has gone on to work in multiple films and web series. She will be seen in the upcoming ZEE5 Original series Kaali 2, releasing on May 29, 2020. This is a bi-lingual series that was shot in both Bengali and Hindi. We spoke to her about Kaali 2 in March when the show was set to release but got delayed because of the coronavirus lockdown. She opened up about how everyone including herself doubted if she could pull her role in this series.

Watch a trailer for Kaali 2 here.

Can you tell us more about your character in Kaali 2?

I play the role of ACP Manvi Gupta who has come from Delhi to Kolkata to solve this case. She is an encounter specialist and a real tough cop. She is not afraid of being rude or mean if it means work is getting done. She is straightforward and honest so obviously this causes problems for her in the Kolkata Department. However, there’s a much deeper game being played which I cannot talk about here because it will reveal the plot.

What else drew you to do the second season of Kaali?

I think the cop I am playing is nothing like me at all. I don’t see myself as DCP Manvi Gupta and if you look at me in regular life I look nothing like the character. That challenge was what I thought was amazing. I was also a little skeptical because the director Rohan came to me 15 days before shooting began, and my costume was finalised only one day before the shoot. But in my heart, I knew this was the right character for me. I wanted to do this from the moment they told me about the character. The whole climax of gunfights, chases, and hardcore action is what I really wanted to do. It’s almost like a dream come true.

How did you prepare for the action scenes? 

The strangest thing is when the action director and the director (Rohan Ghosh) were talking, they felt that I’m so thin and tiny I won’t be able to jump over boxes and beat people up. However, I told them no and I insisted that I wanted to do this. If you look at my Instagram account I am a yoga teacher, I like being fit and I like working with my body more. I think after they saw my Instagram they were convinced I could play this role.

You’ve worked in Hindi and Marathi cinema. Did you face any challenge doing scenes in Bengali?

My character comes from the north, so she doesn’t speak Bengali. All my scenes were only in Hindi. The director Rohan keeps joking that whenever it came to my scenes, that was the only time they didn’t have to shoot the scenes in Bengali and Hindi.

Are you still close with the girl gang from Chak De? Shilpa Shukla was seen in another ZEE5 Original series, Mentalhood. Would you like to give her any message?

I mean, hello! These are my girls, my people. There is immense love among all of us. We like each other’s posts, and support each other’s work. Quite a lot of us are doing shows in the web space. I think Shilpa is such a wonderful and underrated actress, so are the other Chak De girls I feel. There is this bond that even if we don’t meet or talk regularly, there’s something that the heart says is mine. We spent over a year together. They’re a special bunch.

What are the three reasons why people should watch Kaali 2? 

Can I say watch it because of me? (Laughs) No, I mean that apart, I think it is really gripping and a fabulously told story and well enacted too. I think you will get your bang for your buck. This series is packed with thrill, twists and pure action.

Watch her talking with the director, Rohan Ghosh, about the series Kaali 2 here. Don’t miss out on this series releasing on May 29, 2020.