Exclusive: Want To Be The Bridge Between Different Roles, Says 47 Days Actor Satyadev

In a candid chat with us, Satyadev opened up about waiting over a year for the release of 47 Days, his process of selecting scripts. Read it here

Satya in 47 Days

By now, film buffs are familiar with the name Satyadev Kancharana — a young man who can make you move with his perfect expressions and baritone voice. Over the last few years, Satyadev has made a mark by performing interesting characters in off-beat films and web-series. Last October, we saw him in the pathbreaking ZEE5 Original web-series, Gods of Dharmapuri. Now, he is back with his crime thriller movie, 47 Days.

Watch the trailer of murder mystery movie 47 Days here:

Given the free time in hand after being locked down within four walls, we found a way to spend some time quality time with the actor over a video call. From explaining his process of selecting scripts to the long wait for 47 Days release, Satyadev bears it all in this interview. Read the edited excerpts here.

Q. You’ve had back to back releases on OTT, how does it feel? 

A. It feels great. I have had six releases during the coronavirus pandemic. I am quite happy, but also a bit sad because there are no theatrical releases. Although, I understand that we may not have theatrical releases until January 2021. OTT has come to our rescue, and I’m very thankful for it. We knew OTT would become a parallel scope for cinema. It has happened for Bollywood and Hollywood. Even other industries are catching up.

Q. How does the long-awaited release of 47 Days feel? 

A. Not only me, but the entire crew feels the same. Keeping the theatrical aspect aside, everyone is happy that people are getting to watch out work.

Satya with his daughter in 47 Days
Satya with his daughter in murder mystery 47 Days (Source: ZEE5)

Q. You are known for selecting some amazing scripts. How do you do that? 

A. It is an important aspect of my films. I want to make I showcase different characters, different films. That’s why, if you look at my filmography, you will find me as the protagonist, antagonist, as a supporting character. I want to be the bridge between all three, that’s why I want my career to be. Luckily, the scripts that I am doing fall into that category.

Q. What stood out in the script of 47 Days?

A. It has two different shades of Satya (Satyadev’s character in the Telugu movie). One is the ACP — the person in charge. And then we have the suspended cop – searching for answers. I personally feel when you get to live two different characters in one film, you should do it. That’s one thing. Another is, the emotional arc of Satya in the film is something that I got hooked to. I really loved portraying the emotions in Satya’s character.

Satya and Raja Ram in 47 Days
Satya talks to Raja Ram in crime thriller movie 47 Days (Source: ZEE5)

Q. Your last few releases have had an element of thrill or mystery. Is that your favourite genre? 

A. It is a coincidence that all the films have come out like that. We all love the edge-of-the-seat dramas but 47 Days and the others that I did, they came out the same time. But they were shot at different times. My next film is a completely different film, it is a slice of life film. I am happy that you get to see one gangster drama in Gods of Dharmapuri and then one slice of life film like Uma Maheswara Ugra Roopasya. It is overwhelming to play these characters.

Continue reading the interview in part 2 of our conversation. Also, watch the murder mystery movie 47 Days on ZEE5.

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