Exclusive: Zain Imam Of #NKYBFLockdownSpecial Says No To Kissing Your Best Friend

In an exclusive chat with Zain Imam, he tells us why he thinks one should never kiss their best friend. Read on to know more.

Never Kiss Your Best Friend has finally come back with its lockdown special edition! After the huge success of its first season, the creative team of NKYBF couldn’t help but release a special for its audience, even during the lockdown. The entire cast and crew worked diligently to come up with this show, and we can already see that their hard work has paid off. The show looks brilliant in terms of its quality, storyline or performances. We’ve had two amazing new additions in the form of Bittoo mama played by the exceptional Javed Jafrey and the talented Zain Imam playing the role of Zayed, Tanie’s ex and old best friend. Here are In an exclusive interview with Zain Imam, he tells us all about his experience while shooting the show, and shares his thoughts about love and friendship.

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This special series was very well made, technically the quality was good. It didn’t feel like it was shot at home, so how do you feel about all this?

There was a lot of effort put into shooting the scenes. The director and D.O.P. would be on the zoom call with me and instruct me how to fix the lighting and frame. I’d then take a small shot and send it to them on WhatsApp to see if it’s right. Then once all that was fixed, I had to perform as an actor. So it was difficult but glad that it worked out so well.

Your roommate who is also an actor and got to be a part of this show. How did that happen?

We are good friends and I was quarantined in his house during the lockdown. Once this location was approved by the creative team, they wrote a character named Guneet, and I feel it was another important character in the show. So I used to act as the cameraperson for his shots and him for mine. Our chemistry also worked out well, the chaddi-buddy thing really came out. 

#NeverKissYourBestFriend do you believe in this thought? 

I think if you kiss your best friend and things don’t work out, there could be an awkward moment, where you do not want to be their friend anymore. So in order to avoid that, you should never kiss your best friend. You can just be there for each other and give support and care for each other as friends do.

You can watch the entire video, exclusively on ZEE5