Fashion Friday: 4 Easy Ways To Care For Your Hair If You Are Getting Curls Like Tanusree

Learn how to take care of your curly mane with these tips from the ZEE5 Original Bhalobashar Shohor - Arshinagar actor.

1. Don't comb execessively

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Tanusree, the star of the ZEE5 Original Series Bhalobashar Shohor – Arshinagar is one of the well-known leading ladies of Tollywood and a well-known fashionista. She has a great sense of fashion and a unique style. Recently, for a photo shoot, Tanusree tried out a whole different hairstyle — she got thick-knit curls. Check out the picture where she is wearing a dazzling metallic dress along with her new curls. Her curly hair seems to accentuate her whole look as it adds a bit of modern and chic vibes to the attire. Have curly hair or planning to get your hair permed? Here are four haircare tips for maintaining your curly tresses.

Firstly, don’t comb too much. Yes, you read it right. While combing is necessary for grooming your hair, combing your new curls may not be a good call. It may end up damaging the curls or opening them, thereby completely ruining the look you are trying to follow. Brushing your curls may cause them to turn frizzy and that is something you definitely need to avoid.

2. Always follow a proper conditioning routine

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It is compulsory to follow a proper conditioning regime. Every hair wash must be accompanied by a proper conditioner routine. Make sure you detangle your curls when you apply the conditioner. Conditioners help in nourishing your curls and helping them retain the strength for a longer duration.

3. Use a wide-tooth comb

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One of the main accessories you need to own if you are trying for a curly hair look is the wide-tooth comb. A wide-tooth comb, due to its make, allows you to carefully brush your hair without damaging them. Due to bristles being wide apart, the hair doesn’t tangle much and therefore, it reduces hair fall. A normal comb may end up causing more damage than you can imagine.

4. Do not blow dry your hair

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One of the most common mistakes done by people trying out curls is blow-drying your hair. When you blow-dry your hair, you tend to increase the chances of hair damage and moisture-loss which causes your curls to lose their natural glow. Instead, you can always choose to towel-dry them. Towel-drying protects your hair and decreases the chance of hair damage.

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