Fashion Friday: Sohini Sarkar Steps Out In A Tintin Print Suit, Making Us Go ‘Wow’!

What happens when Tintin meets the ZEE5 Original Series Judgement Day actor? Details inside.

Sohini Sarcar

Judgement Day, the new thriller ZEE5 Original Series has been the talk of the town. From an intense storyline to a star-studded ensemble cast featuring actors Sohini Sarkar, Madhumita Sarcar, Kaushik Sen, Subrat Dutta among other, this bi-lingual series talks about the sensitive matter of sexual assault and how the society treats the victims. The story focuses on the life of Diya and Hiya, two sisters who move to Kolkata from Shillong. While Diya is a timid and calm girl, Hiya has a rebellious and bold personality. While conveying the story through the eyes of Hiya, who is raped, the whole storyline pegs on how her sister, Diya fights to get the right punishment to the culprits. The journey and the struggles that Diya takes in order to get justice against the criminals forms the crux of the story.

A scene from Judgement Day (Source: ZEE5)

If you haven’t watched the trailer yet, check it out here:

Sohini Sarkar, who plays the role of Diya, the lead actress in the series was recently seen wearing a Tintin print suit. She flaunted her new look as she posted pictures in the outfit on her social media account. If you haven’t had a chance to see it yet, check it out here:

She’s paired blue T-shirt with a jacket and trousers with Tintin prints and added to the zing factor with sunshine yellow sneakers. From Captain Haddock to Professor Calculus to Thomson and Thompson and even Snowy, they are all there in the print with Tintin. Doesn’t it look fun?

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