Single Dads Like Abhi Of Kumkum Bhagya And Aakash Of Mentalhood, Who Are Also Like Mothers

From Rhea's supportive papa Abhi in Kumkum Bhagya to Tarini's doting dad Alok in Fittrat, here's saluting single dads on Mother's Day.

Single dads of Zee TV show and ZEE5 Original series

Kumkum Bhagya - Fittrat - Hum Tum And Them - Mentalhood
Kumkum Bhagya - Fittrat - Hum Tum And Them - Mentalhood

In changing times and with modern kids, parenting is extremely tough these days. Mothers and fathers give their blood, sweat and tears to raise their children into fine young women and men. While moms are praised and thanked quite often, the role of dads is a bit underrated. In recent times, the stereotype of fathers being the bread-winner outside the house is being broken. Here are a few examples of single dads who take care of their children and provide the love of both of the parents on Zee TV and ZEE5 Originals.

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1. Abhi of Kumkum Bhagya

Kumkum Bhagya - Abhi (Shabir)

Kumkum Bhagya stars Shabir Ahluwalia as Abhishek Prem Mehra aka Abhi. He is Pragya’s (Sriti Jha) husband, but they have been separated for 20 long years. Abhi is the father of twin daughters Prachi Arora (Mugdha Chapekar) and Rhea Mehra (Naina Singh). He is the single dad to Rhea who stays with him currently. Abhi supports Rhea in every walk of life and is extremely protective of her. He hugs her often and stands by her whenever she needs emotional help, just like any mom would do.

2. Alok of Fittrat

Fittrat - Alok (Mohit Chauhan)
Fittrat - Alok (Mohit Chauhan)

Bollywood actor Mohit Chauhan essays the role of Tarini Bisht’s (Krystle D’Souza) father Alok Bisht, in Fittrat. He lets his daughter spread her wings and fly as high as she wants. Since the tender age of 10, Tarini has always been daddy’s little girl. When she graduates with flying colours and decides to be a gold-digger, her father doesn’t question. He gives her the freedom to go and stay with her childhood friend Amrita aka Amy, to discover herself and life.

3. Aakash of Mentalhood

Mentalhood - Aakash (Dino Morea)
Mentalhood - Aakash (Dino Morea)

A stay-at-home single dad, Aakash (Dino Morea) is no less than a mother and fits equally in the group of supermoms in Mentalhood. He is the father of twin children Naks and Tara who are born via surrogacy. They are four-years-old and need their father to be around them all the time. Aakash plays the dual role of a mother and father, and provides his kids with all the happiness in the world. He defends his daughter and fights with the school authorities when she is molested in the premises.

4. Yudi of Hum Tum And Them

Hum Tum And Them - Yudi (Akshay Oberoi)
Hum Tum And Them - Yudi (Akshay Oberoi)

Yudhishthir aka Yudi, portrayed by Akshay Oberoi, loses his wife to cancer in the series Hum Tum And Them. So, he becomes a single father to his three children, Aryan (Bhavin Bhanushali), Ojhas (Gautam Ahuja) and Vyoma (Aashika Bhatia). Yudi gets to know his kids better, which he hasn’t done since his wife died. He feels scared when he learns that his children will stay with him for three months as he’s not used to having them around. But, he falls in love with Shiva (Shweta Tiwari) and thinks that his kids will have a mother.

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