Father’s Day Special: 10 Typical Things We Hear All Dads Say

On the occasion of Father’s Day, we have rounded up ten gems that best sum up dadness. Check them out here

Father's Day image featuring Shabir Ahluwalia and Naina Singh of Kumkum Bhagya

Fathers all across the world are awesome. No matter how old we get, the epic burns never stop. However, peel off the exterior and there lies a gentle, loving daddy who only wants the best for you. They are your friend, philosopher, guide all rolled into one person! There is no denying that fathers can be strict, but Indian fathers are a step ahead.  A common weapon found in their arsenal are the unforgettable and typical dialogues and mind you, it is accompanied with a classic tone that makes it all impossible to slip from your mind.

Speaking of fathers, Abhishek Mehra of Kumkum Bhagya is certainly a super-dad. Don’t you agree?

On the occasion of Father’s Day, we have rounded up ten gems that best sum up dadness.

1. Main jab umar ki tha na…

Haven’t we all heard him say this like a gazillion times literally? He may have been speeding up at 60 mph but the rules apply to you kiddo.

 2. Paise kya ped pe ugte hai?

If he asks you a rhetorical question, he is definitely angry. This is the classic reply when you are making a demand that makes no sense to him.

3. Abhi padh lo, baadme toh aish he aish hai

Of course, daddy, of course. Remind us to memorize that growing up is a trap.

4. Tum baap banoge, tab pata chalega

The melodramatic punchline that we are subjected to when he tries to get all emotional over something we don’t want to do in the first place. “Papa, I want to go skydiving with my friends.” And there it comes…”It is very dangerous beta, you’ll understand when you become a father.” Like a no would have worked just fine you see.

5. Dost kaam nahi aaenge aage, abhi bhi waqt hai sudhar jao

Indian parents think, after cellphone, friends are leading the world to destruction. Child: “My stomach hurts.” Papa: “You must have eaten something wrong with that friend of yours. I don’t like him one bit.”

6. Ye baal dhoop mein safed nahi kiye, humne bhi duniya dekhi hai

Literally the sassiest burn you shall ever find. Greying of hair is directly proportional to worldly experiences.

7. Jao, jaa kar apni Maa se pucho

The most common game Indian parents play: Good cop, Bad cop. When your dad shoots this, know that he is avoiding being the bad guy here and wants you hear a no from your mother and not spell it himself.

8. Tumhare laad pyaar ne he bigaad rakha hai isse

And when they cannot think of a reason why kids behave the way they do, it’s the mother to be blamed. Because, Maa ka pyaar aparam paar!

9. Iss baar bijli ka bill dekha kitna aaya hai, band karo ye fizool ki lightein

Nope, Indian parents don’t say lights, it is always lightein.

10. Tumhari jitni facilities mujhein apne bachpan mein mili hoti toh aaj main kaha se kaha hota

Maybe the world hadn’t evolved as much it is today, but who cares?

But can you imagine a life without these daddyisms? Certainly, NO. So lets us all thank out dads for all the unimaginable ways they come up with to care for us!

Happy Father’s Day, to all the dads. We love you all! Now carry your entertainment with you everywhere with the latest collection of movies and series on ZEE5!