Favourite Role, Lockdown Routine: Highlights From Ashok Saraf’s Special Live Chat

Here are a few interesting revelations made by the actor on the birthday special Facebook live that he conducted with his fans.

Ashok Saraf

The king of comedy, Ashok Saraf celebrated his 73rd birthday recently. To mark the occasion, Zee Talkies hosted a special live session with Ashok and his wife Nivedita Saraf on its official Facebook page. The power couple of the Marathi film industry answered a few questions about his lockdown routine, favourite role, and many such interesting revelations about the actor’s life. Here are five highlights from the birthday special live chat.

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1. His obsession with his ring

Ashok Mama likes to wear a ring that is carved with the idol of Nataraj. During the live chat, the actor revealed that it’s been 50 years since he put on the ring. It has stuck to him since 1974 and he hasn’t taken it off ever. Ashok considers the ring to be lucky as he had landed up a role in Pandu Hawaldar, three days after he had first put on the ring. The film later became a turning point in his career.

2. His lockdown routine

Ashok is currently following the lockdown restrictions, spending time in the house watching films and reading books. Ashok also loves listening to old songs of Mohammed Rafi and Lata Mangeshkar. The legendary actor revealed that he can recognise the music director of a song, just by listening to its tune. Did you know that he’s a fan of Lata Didi? He loves listening to her songs while on his way to shoots.

A Still Of Nivedita And Ashok
Source: Facebook

3. How he was drawn to acting

Ashok was always interested in acting and took it up as a hobby during the initial days of his career. The actor also revealed that since he was brought up in an environment filled with talks of film and theatre, he eventually grew fond of the field.

4. His take on Sachin Pilgaonkar and Mahesh Kothare

Ashok has acted in several films directed by Sachin Pilgaonkar and Mahesh Kothare, both of whom are his close friends. The actor shared that both have taken the industry to greater heights. The actor feels fortunate to have been able to work with such geniuses.

Ashok Saraf
Source: Instagram

5. His favourite role

There are many roles that are close to the actor’s heart. However, according to Ashok, some of the memorable ones include Pandu Hawaldar, Dagaa, Ram Ram Gangaram, and Ashi Hi Banva Banvi.

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