Fish Tales 3: Fifi And Lily Are Going On A New Adventure And Your Kid Is Going To Love It!

On first day of school, adorable fish friends meet in a new class. From Fish Tale Reef, they go on a sunken ship and treasure hunt. Watch the film.

Fish Tales - 3

Did you know that oysters help humans to monitor water quality? You can know many more such facts about aquatic through animated films on ZEE5 KIDS. Along with #NonStopBachFUN and entertainment, children can also acquire knowledge and educate themselves on India’s largest OTT platform. You don’t need to worry about your child missing school during the Coronavirus #lockdown. Fish Tales 3 is here to take your kids on a new and exciting underwater adventure with Fifi, Lily and Kiki. Let’s go and hunt treasures on the sunken ship!

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The first day of school after a vacation is always exciting as well as nerve-wracking. So are the feelings of Fifi, a small pink-coloured fish with gorgeous eyelashes and a bow on her head. She lives with her family on the Fish Tale Reef in a sea-shell surrounded by corals. Her brother, Fin is a handsome young boy wearing round spectacles and a baseball cap. On their way to school, Fifi meets her best friend, Lily who is a young blue whale, the largest marine mammal! Kiki, the yellow pufferfish also tags along.

They are elated to know that Professor Shark will be their new class teacher. Accompanying him would be Professor Alba, the white seal. After the students introduce themselves, the teachers promise to take them on a field trip. The fish look forward to a treasure hunt on the wrecked ship. As soon as they reach, their jaw drops in awe of the magnificent ship made by human beings. Known as Inspector Petal owing to his investigation skills, the sea-turtle gets to his task of discovery!

A still from Fish Tales 3
A still from Fish Tales 3

Diesel, the blue manta ray informs the class that the main body of a ship or boat is called the hull. It has two decks; fore is towards the front and aft is towards the back. Often called as the ship’s ‘backbone’, the keel is the timber at the very bottom of the hull that runs from the bow to the stern. Just as they are learning, a treasure box of gold coins glistens in the sunlight penetrating through the sea. The fish’s eyes twinkle at the sight and they wonder what to do. They had never seen gems, stones, diamonds and jewellery ever!

It’s Thanksgiving and the class wants to play the ‘show and tell’ game. Everyone brings a special thing or person that they are grateful for in life. While Fifi and Lily go beyond the Fish Tale Reef to search for blue and pink corals, they meet Penny, the one-toothed orange fish. Well, Trigger, the sea horse brings his cousins Pammy, Hammy and Tammy who belong to a tiny species of seahorses that much older in age. All of them get a chance to see an oyster with a shiny white pearl inside it!

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