Fittrat Review: Krystle, Anushka And Aditya’s Series Is Equal Parts Gripping And Glamorous

Krystle D'souza, Anushka Ranjan and Aditya Seal make their web debut with Fittrat, streaming FREE on ZEE5.

Fittrat Review

“I’m my own hero,” Krystle D’souza told us during the promotions of her debut web series Fittrat. It is not until you have watched the 15 episodes of the ZEE5 Original that you truly understand the underlying meaning. The television actress essays Tarini Bisht, a gold-medalist Journalism graduate from Mussoorie, whose one and only wish is to get uber-rich! She unabashedly chases a luxurious life and never-ending bank balance, except not herself but through a guy who will tick all these boxes. From clinching gold, Tarini wants to go digging gold in the backyard of Delhi’s prim and posh elite club. Of course, a regular girl from Uttarakhand wasn’t entertained in a high-profile society but her supremely wealthy best friend from school, Amrita Sareen aka Amy, holds an all-access card to such circles. Amy, played by Anushka Ranjan, is the yin to Tarini’s yang and also her claim to fame!

‘Once upon a time se happily ever after tak,’ Amy and Tarini’s friendship is the stuff of legends, they are the modern-day Jai and Veeru. Amy and Tarini are a riot together, much against to the former’s control-freak mother Janki Sareen (Divya Seth Shah) but a sheer delight for Amy’s father Tekchand Sareen (Kaizaad Kotwal) and her cute brother Bunty aka Gaurav Sareen (Aru K Verma). Tarini is just getting used to the velvety life of the Sareens and alike, and enter Veer Shergill, the chaos to her calm. Student of the Year 2 fame Aditya Seal essays the broody besuited fiance of Amy. A bindass small-town girl Tarini catches his fancy and that sets a bitter fallout between childhood besties in motion. With a friend-turned-foe and fortune not in favour, Tarini embarks out on a journey of her own, only to discover the gold she has been finding all along was within her always.

Friendship, love and obsession – Fittrat orbits around these three main themes while being a visual spectacle with its glamour-rich content. Krystle D’souza, who returns to acting after a hiatus, is equal parts remarkable and ravishing. The Bramharakshas actress breaks free from her bahu-beti image to step into the shoes of a sassy, sexy and smart-mouth Tarini. Even in her weakest moments, Krystle as Tarini takes a flight. From being a b**tch to looking bewitching in a bedroom, Krystle goes from strength to strength nailing every scene.

Krystle D'souza in casuals
Krystle D’souza as Tarini Bisht in Fittrat. (Source: YouTube)

Pardon us Anushka Ranjan for it may have taken the world longer than it should have to recognize your raw, volcano of talent. As the sophisticated yet sensitive Amy from ‘Paheli Dilli,’ Anushka’s performance bowls us over! She is the shadow to Tarini’s moon, letting her take flight after flight, while she prepares a cozy landing ground for her each time. It wouldn’t be wrong to say that we all need an Amy to our Tarini! As for Aditya Seal, boy, the deal has been ‘seal’ed. Sure we sound cheesy but then what do you expect after we have binge-watched straight 15 episodes where he makes us go weak in the knees with his suave and stylish looks? Having said that, Aditya as Veer reserves enough drama to not let two insanely gorgeous leading ladies steal the show every time. He swoops in, impresses, and leaves us wanting for more! After Namaste England and SOTY 2, Fittrat is the third tease which has left us asking for more, just saying.

Anushka Ranjan, Krystle D'souza and Aditya Seal in Fittrat songs
Anushka Ranjan, Krystle D’souza and Aditya Seal in Fittrat. (Image Source: ZEE5)

Divya Seth, Kaizaad Kotwal, Aru Verma, Priyanka Bhatia, Kaushalya Gidwani, Mohit Chauhan dish out notable performances, filling all the cracks and ticking all the boxes of a blockbuster entertainer! If that weren’t enough, the breathtaking locals of Mussoorie, Delhi and other locations the web series has been shot at offer a visual treat. Speaking of treat, the entire drama is a quick guide on wardrobe essentials for a girl. Tarini and Amy’s sense of dressing is totally steal-worthy!

A watertight script laced with great dialogues is the USP of Fittrat. Sure, it does have some moments that could have been done away with, but the show has turned out just fine even with them in it. Cinematography coupled with Krystle’s narration is a winsome combination. You don’t have to worry about keeping a track of what happens when, because the flow of Santosh Singh’s direction is flawless. With soul-stirring songs like Man Murade and O Panchi Re, Fittrat has something for everyone.

Krystle, Anushka and Aditya’s series is engaging, enthralling and enticing, all bundled in one!

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