Force, Drishtikone: 6 Bangla Blockbusters You Can Now Watch For Free On ZEE5

These films including Atihi and Swade Ahlade are streaming on the platform are a must-watch!

1. Drishtikone

This month, as you maintain social distancing and stay at home, ZEE5 brings you a collection of treats, including six superhit Bengali movies you can catch up with for free. Featuring a vast list of hit films that are guaranteed to keep you entertained for several hours, we bring you these six that you should definitely not miss. Check them out below!

Drishtikone is a 2018 drama starring superstars Prosenjit Chatterjee and Rituparna Sengupta in the leads, as well as Churni Ganguly and Kaushik Ganguly. When Srimoti (played by Rituparna) loses her husband in a car accident, she suspects foul play and hires a lawyer named Jiyon Mitra (Prosenjit), who is struggling with eyesight problems. During the investigation, Srimoti and Jiyon get attracted to each other which creates problems in Jiyon’s married life.

2. Force

Force is an action drama film made in 2012 starring Prosenjit again, Arpita Pal and Arya Dasgupta. This is a beautiful story of a loving relationship between a father and son. Arjun (played by Prosenjit) is an encounter specialist out to catch the villains, and has an autistic son to take care of at home. This one balances fast-paced action and human sensitivity perfectly!

3. Atithi

Atithi, directed by Sujit Kumar Paul, stars Manoj Mitra, Rituparna Sengupta, Pratik Sen, Nishan Nanaiah and Saayoni Ghosh. The film follows two youngsters, Antim and Antara, who are admitted to an asylum after they suffer from memory loss post a violent accident. The film hurtles towards a thrilling climax as startling secrets of Antim and Antara’s past are revealed and we get to know what had caused this accident.

4. Nimki Phulki

Nimki Phulki is a comedy drama film from 2017 starring popular Bengali serial Nakshi Kantha‘s Shabnam aka Manali Dey, Sreeparna Roy, Buddhadeb Bhattacharya and Sudip Chakraborty. It is a tale of two fun-loving sisters, who make mischief all around Nakulpur village, but they are also courageous enough to fight for their villagers when the need arises. When they are forced to marry men who are double their age, they run away on the day of their wedding and end up in a strange new city. Join them in their journey as their lives takes a different turn.

5. Swade Ahlade

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Swade Ahlade is a 2015 film featuring actor Sreelekha Mitra in the lead. Life at 40, for the quiet-natured Chaitali, starts becoming meaningless. In a family of a scheming mother-in-law, a formidable father-in-law, and a non-attentive husband, Chaitali begins questioning her self-worth. However, things take a turn when Kritika, a confident working woman, enters her life. Is this change for the better or worse?

6. Shonar Pahar

Shonar Pahar, made in 2018, stars actors Jisshu Sengupta, Parambrata Chattopadhyay and Tanuja Mukherjee in the main roles. This emotional drama revolves around the strained relationship between a 70-year-old bitter mother and her son. When a seven-year-old boy enters their lives, the mother and son get an opportunity to reassess and mend their relationship. This one makes for a most heartfelt and riveting watch, so be sure to catch up on it!

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