Game Of The Week On ZEE5: Zombie Splash Is A Fun Game Set In A Post-Apocalyptic World

If you want to prepare for the Zombie Apocalypse, Zombie Splash on ZEE5 is the perfect way to spend your time as the lockdown slowly closes.

Zombie Splash on ZEE5

PLAY5 on ZEE5 is the new way to entertain yourself when you are not watching any original series or web series. In partnership with Gameloft, ZEE5 brings you a number of arcade, actions and puzzle games to play even with a low internet connection. While we are living through the pandemic, Zombie Splash is a fun and addictive game about another scenario that people were expecting more, a Zombie apocalypse.

Zombie Splash is a fun game where you drive around in an armoured car killing Zombies who are threatening to take over the world. This story is seen multiple times in both action and comedy films. Zombie Splash is the perfect game to pass your time and vent some frustration.

You get to drive a car through the city and kill zombies. As you progress in the game you can even buy new vehicles that will move faster and kill zombies better. You can even unlock new roads that will make the game more interesting and engaging.

Zombie Splash is simple enough to play with a simple push of a button. If you are looking for some puzzle games to keep your mind going here are a few on ZEE5 that will keep you busy.

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