Gauravi And Anuj Of Baarish Prove Why Opposites Always Attract

Gauravi (Asha Negi), Anuj (Sharman) teach us that while we can be poles apart, love and respect for your partner can help build a strong relationship

Most of us must have surely wondered why opposites attract, when at the same time we’re told that connections are powerful, and normally easier when you share a lot in common. But is that the reality?

Can parters who are complete opposites be pleased with each other and sustain a relationship? Here are a few truths that will prove that you and your lover can be completely unlike each other yet entirely in love. Just like Gaurvi and Anuj from Baarish.

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Most of us believe in individuality and when you have a strong belief or opinion about something, it’s really difficult to change. Like Gaurvi who never thought she could find a guy who would agree to her terms on marriage. However, If you truly love the other person, you will put your pride aside and listen to their opinion no matter how strongly you disagree. Anuj is extremely encouraged by Gaurvi, choosing to love someone who has different opinions, encourages you to see the world a little bit differently. Respecting and openly giving attention to your partner’s worldview and opinions, will build a footing of mutual respect, which is the key to a happy relationship.

In their relationship, everything thrived on mutual respect and love. They are poles apart and yet, stand united as one. Respect is everything in a relationship. Gaurvi teaching Anuj, how to speak correct English, or giving him the courage to go present the PPT’s, are all instances that one needs to help their partners to overcome their shortcomings by being there for them.

We may not know exactly why opposites attract, but there’s no denying that opposites who marry each other can have extremely good relationships. Because a prosperous relationship isn’t about being with the same kind of person, but learning to love what makes you different.

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