Genelia Deshmukh Makes Organic Cabbage Soup With Pure ‘Unicorn Colours’ And You Should Too

Genelia Deshmukh turned vegetarian & has been learning the benefits of this diet. Her experiment with farm-fresh cabbages turned out to be a hit.

Organic Cabbage Soup By Genelia Deshmukh

The nation-wide lockdown has brought many things into a better perspective for people. We have been reading and learning about the many benefits of living a well-balanced and good life. At a time when immunity risk is the worst thing to do to yourself, people have become more conscious of their intakes. Many people are even turning to plant-based and vegetarian diets. Actor Genelia Deshmukh is no different. And she shares her experience in a beautiful post.

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Genelia is now a mother to two young boys and does all that she has to, to keep them safe and healthy. The actor announced that she turned to a vegetarian diet and has been learning about its nutritional values. Home gardening is the newest trend that has been helping people with several things, and Genelia, too, has been reaping its advantages with organic cabbages, straight from her farm. You can enjoy a delicious and colourful cabbage soup like her too.

Organic Cabbages
Organic Cabbages

To make this ‘unicorn’ coloured cabbage soup, you will need some organic and fresh cabbages. Consider growing it at home, for best results and a new hobby. Start by chopping the red cabbages thinly. Dice some potatoes and keep chopped onions and leek handy. Take a pan and add olive oil to it. Now, add the chopped leek and onion with salt and saute it. Next, add diced potatoes with a few tablespoons of vegetable stock to saute it.

Finally, add the chopped cabbage and the more vegetable stock. Allow it to cook until it boils. Next, add almond milk with some sea salt to taste and cook it well. Take a high power hand-blender and blend it to a soup-like consistency. Serve it hot and enjoy the nutritious and photo-worthy soup.

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