Get In Touch With Your Inner Fashionista With Fashion Holic A Fun Game On ZEE5 Play

Fashion Holic is an engaging game if you want to explore your side as a fashion freak trying out different outfits and combinations.

Fashion Holic game free on ZEE5

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If you are looking to test your fashionable side, you should check out the game called Fashion Holic. This game allows you to pick and create your own avatar. You will get the choice to pick between different looks right from which hairstyle you like to which shoes go with your outfit. This game will create a fashion blogger out of you. You will get points in the form of followers who look to you for tips on how to dress and be their best selves.

Play this game and pick which outfit suits you best for the event you are stepping out for. If you miss dressing up, going out, and posting about it on social media, this game can help you fill that void till the lockdown passes.

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