Get Ready For The Exciting New Prosenjit Starrer ‘Nirontor’, Releasing 28 June On ZEE5!

The latest drama movie starring the Bengali icon looks all set to wow us on screen from this weekend. Read on to know more about it!


Lovers of Bengali cinema, take note! ZEE5 is set to launch a new movie called Nirontor on June 28. Directed by Chandrasish Ray, this intriguing film has superstar Prosenjit in the lead role, and also stars talented actors like Satyam Bhattachary and Ankita Majhi. It is also the first Bengali movie to see its official release on an online platform!

Watch the promo for Nirontor below:

Nirontor is the story of two completely dissimilar people from different generations who form a deep friendship. Biplab (Prosenjit) is a middle aged-engineer and Bhaskar (Satyam Bhattacharya) is his much-younger project assistant. The duo form a great bond, and the film explores their unlikely yet strong relationship.

Check out the poster of Nirontor that Prosenjit shared on his social media page:

Biplab and Bhaskar both have unique personalities, and their pronounced age gap divides them even further! However, an unusual situation brings them into each other’s radar, and they become close. Together, they have to identify an ideal location where a new resort is to be built. They find themselves in a remote region in the mountains where phone signal is scant, and are left with no other choice but to talk to each other. This is how they strike up a profound friendship and go through several challenging experiences together.

Source: ZEE5

The music in Nirontor has been provided by Avijit Kundu, and the film seems to be novel in several ways. The minimal number of characters helps to take the plot forward much more meaningfully. We are also totally excited to see some of the most sensitive and nuanced portrayals by one of the greatest stalwarts in the Tollywood film industry aka Prosenjit. So don’t forget to watch it on ZEE5 on June 28, and watch the magic unfold!

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