Get Your Child’s Imagination To Take Flight With The Planes With Brains Movie Trilogy!

Grounded At Home? Nurture your child’s imagination with the Planes With Brains movie trilogy! Stream it now on ZEE5!

planes with brains

Are your kids bored at home looking at the same cartoons on TV during the lockdown? Then its time for them to say hello to Gumdrop and Vroomer on their adventures in the Planes With Brains Trilogy.  The three films showcase the journey of two smart planes, Gumdrop and Crooner, who are sent on a mission by their commander.

Watch the first of the Planes With Brains trilogy here:

During their missions they encounter various adventures. They also meet a genius robot who tells them all they need to know about the amazing planes in history.

The three filma will introduce kids to aviation history and several fun facts about planes. Unlike other cartoons on TV, Planes With Brains movie trilogy provides interactive audio and lots of facts that are sure to be a learning experience for your children.

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