Rain And Romance: Baarish Will Give You A Virtual Mumbai Tour Right From Your House

Missing hanging out at your favourite Mumbai hotspots? These scenes from Baarish will take you on a tour.

Mumbai moments from Baarish that will give your soul a trip during the lockdown.

Source: zee5

Mumbai is the city that never sleeps and Mumbaikars have proudly carried this tag for a long time now. However, in these unfortunate times, it makes it difficult to be at home and not feel the rush and heartbeat of the city. While we can’t go out and hang out at our favourite spots in and around Mumbai, we can take a virtual tour of  Mumbai via the much loved ZEE5 show Baarish. Yes, you can still enjoy the Mumbai feels from the very comfort of your homes, all you need to do is watch Gauravi and Anuj romance around Mumbai in Baarish.

These are five times when Baarish made us totally nostalgic and took us for a virtual day out!

1. Tuesday Trips to Siddhivinayak

A still of Sidhivinayak from Baarish
A still of Sidhivinayak from Baarish (Source Online Portal)

In Baarish, we see Gauravi visit the Siddhivinayak temple to pray for a perfect life partner, even though everyone mocks her wishes it finally comes true in the form of Anuj. It’s heartwarming to see this and we know many Mumbaikars who follow this ritual every Tuesday. Even though we are stuck at our homes, we can always pray for our homes, and some of you ladies out there might just get lucky like Gauravi.

2. The beautiful Sobo roads

A still of Town Roads (Source: Online Portal)

One of the most aesthetic places in Mumbai is South Bombay or Sobo as people like to call it. What makes it special are the clean and smooth roads. In Baarish we are visually treated many times with this stunning view. Most of the time, we can see Aniket and Shreya painting the entire town red with their romance. Missing the rides and stroll around in town? Just watch Baarish and go on a visual adventure.

3. The Sea Link

Which Mumbaikar does not love a drive on the gorgeous Sea Link? Luckily, for Baarish viewers, we get to experience this beautiful location more than once and devour in the beauty of the same. What Baarish does is creates those romantic moments between Gauravi and Anuj by the sea link, giving our heart the treat we want.

4. The Mumbai street food

A still of Mumbai Chaat Shops
A still of Mumbai Chaat Shops (Source: Online Portal)

Baarish has caused a major food craving in more ways than one, with Anuj eating and dancing in the rains with kids or the sweet unplanned dates of Gauravi and Anuj. The garam cutting chai and vada pav have played a major role in getting the two of them together and making them realise that they are meant for each other. Warning! You may crave the delicious Mumbai vada pav after watching these episodes.

5. The romantic Mumbai rains.

source: zee5

One can’t say Baarish without thinking of the romantic Mumbai rains. While their story is completely entangled around this marvel. We can also cool our souls off from this scorching heat, and wait for the rains to come. Baarish Season 2 is coming very soon and it will take us on many such moments and keep us entertained. You can watch the trailer of Baarish season 2 here:

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