Gondya Ala Re’s Bhushan Pradhan Is Experimenting With Healthy Recipes And So Should You!

Bhushan Pradhan is indulging in cooking some healthy recipes like fenugreek dosas and oats filled egg whites, during the lockdown.

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The ongoing lockdown is unleashing some hidden talents of our favourite stars. Bhau Kadam’s singing, Abhijeet Khandkekar’s baking, and Ruchira Jahdav’s drawing skills are now known to their fans. Gondya Ala Re’s star Bhushan Pradhan also displayed his culinary skills on Instagram. The actor who played the role of Damodar Chapekar in the ZEE5 original Marathi series has been trending with hashtag #BhushanCooks on social media. Bhushan has been cooking healthy and easy recipes with the help of his mother. You should definitely check these out!

Watch the actor perform as Damodar in the series.

Bhushan started the trend with a picture of kulith dosas that he prepared. He thanked his ‘Amma’ for the recipe. Don’t they look yum?

Next, the actor posted a picture of a simple lunch platter consisting of methi or fenugreek and rice with curd.

Bhushan also prepared a delicious-looking fish curry, which he plated with plain steam rice. Can we have some of that?

Next, the actor posted a plate full of scrambled eggs, chicken sausages, and buckwheat cookies with a cup of coffee to drink it down. That looks so great!

Recently the actor posted a picture of boiled eggs with masala oats and bournvita to go with it. Doesn’t it look scrumptious?

There are a few more dishes that would make you drool! Check them out!

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#BhushanCooks Scrambled Egg and Broccoli!

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#BhushanCooks Kheema & Rice!

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#BhushanCooks The easiest breakfast 😜

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What do you think of these delicious recipes? Comment below.

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