Goodbye TikTok, Hello HiPi: A Small Step For Make In India, A Giant Leap For Entertainment

ZEE5 is soon set to become a platform where you not only watch your favourite content but create your own content for others to watch as well.

HiPi On ZEE5

Recently 59 Chinese Apps including TikTok was banned by the Indian Government. This move comes after repeated instances of violence from China on the border. It also is aimed at stopping the Chinese from mining any date through their apps for political of military use. This move has been welcome by everyone from the common man to celebrities.

Here are some of the celeb reactions to the banning of 59 Chinese apps in India.

TikTok has been a platform where people from all walks of life have been able to showcase their talent and create funny, interesting and in some cases even cringe-worthy content. While all these content creators search for a new haven, ZEE5 is set to introduce HiPi, India’s Short Video Platform, one of the forerunners in the market and a ‘Make In India’ alternative to replace TikTok.

With HiPi, ZEE5 is bringing you a new platform made in India and highlighting hidden talents from across the country. This is a positive step in the direction of an ‘Aatma Nirbhar Bharat’ where you can showcase your talent to people across the country. You can also follow other popular creators.

This is also a big step in entertainment and is a first for any OTT platform. ZEE5 is offering a more holistic view of entertainment where audiences not only get to watch their favourite films series and TV shows but become entertainers too.

ZEE5’s HiPi is driven by the vision to encourage self-expression and it aims to unlock the potential talent that this country has by inviting talented and diverse content creators who are seeking a platform that encourages creativity and paves the way to Stardom.

Stay tuned to this space and download ZEE5 to find out about the official launch of HiPi.

ZEE5 has been pushing the OTT space before this too by creating the ZEE5 Super Family League, a game show based on popular Zee TV shows and characters. It also launched a special PLAY5 gaming section on the app for people to enjoy simple hyper-casual games on-the-go.