Gourab, Sayantika, Parambrata: 5 Tollywood Actors Who Are Also Fabulous Musicians

Check out these favourite celebrities including Gourab Chatterjee and Sayantika Banerjee whose talents go beyond the realm of acting.

1. Gourab Chatterjee

(Source: Instagram)

While the current Coronavirus pandemic has wreaked complete havoc on our lives, the period of self-isolation at home has also spurred many a bedroom artiste to emerge from the shadows and take to social media in order to keep us entertained, particular our favourite actors who cannot shoot for the time being. We have seen other hidden talents from stars like Gourab Chatterjee who acts in the hit Bengali serial Rani Rashmoni and ZEE5 Original Series Bhalobashar Shohor – Pori Gaurav Chakrabarty, much to our delight! Today we tell you of five such actors who are also fantastic musicians.

Watch the first episode of Rani Rashmoni here:

Gourab, who plays Mathur Babu in Rani Rashmoni, sings and plays the guitar like an angel! Check out this video he has posted where he sings a famous Bob Dylan song. You are sure to be moved.

2. Sayantika Banerjee

Sayantika Banerjee
Source: Instagram

Abhimaan star Sayantika Banerjee too, can strum the guitar like a pro. With more time on her hands at home, she has been dishing out performances of several different songs on her instrument from her social media page. She’s really good at it, so check it out!

3. Gourab Roy Chowdhury

Gourab Roy Chowdhury
Source: Instagram

We already know that Trinayani‘s Dripto, or the dashing Gourab Roy Chowdhury, is a multi-faceted personality. Apart from acting, he writes beautiful poetry and also plays the flute! You can catch him playing the flute on his social media stories, where he often treats us with the most melodious and delightful performances.

4. Gaurav Chakrabarty

Gaurav Chakrabarty
Source: Wikimedia Commons

Gaurav, who has acted in the ZEE5 Original film Bhalobashar Shohor – Pori, is an incredible singer and guitarist! He often sings and plays at home, but this quarantine got him to deliver the sweetest performance of the song Hey There Delilah by the Plain White Tees, for us too! Don’t miss it.

5. Parambrata Chattopadhyay

Parambrata Chattopadhyay
(Source: Instagram)

Parambrata Chattopadhyay, who has acted in the Sharate Aaj, the superhit ZEE5 Original series as well as Satyanweshi Byomkesh, is quite a seasoned musician and has even directed the music in some films. Self-isolation got him to pick up the guitar for us again, and you can watch his ace strumming right here.

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