Guddu Episode 19 Review: Guddu Solves The Diwali Dynamo Mystery

Who would want to destroy the happiness that Diwali brings with it? Guddu dons the detective cap in this episode of #NonStopBachFUN series.

In the latest episode of Guddu, we will see how the clever king of the jungle finds out the mystery behind the ‘No Diwali’ tycoons. We have seen in previous episodes how Guddu has solved the woes of aliens and the Vanmallika, but this time the case gets a bit personal. When Guddu and his friends are celebrating Diwali at Dhimakana van, their home. Chinku rabbit plays a prank and makes the rockets turn sideways to attack all the other animals. Guddu reprimands him and advises him about the harm of doing so. He even shows him the correct way to light the crackers!

Later, Guddu and his friends are drawing a rangoli at Falana city for the Rangoli competition judged by the Mayor. They are scared that Billori would outperform them but Guddu prepares the best design and everyone is happy when the tornado strikes! Everyone is affected and the Diwali celebration is stopped as all the diyas, rangoli colors, and firecrackers are destroyed. Guddu consults Dr. Cloud, and the latter tells him there is nothing wrong with the atmosphere. Guddu is suspicious and asks his friends to shift to Dhimkana Nagar for the Diwali celebration.

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But when at Dhimkana Nagar they are struck with a tornado, Guddu sets out on the backs of the flamingo couple Bunty and Babli for the aerial view of the jungle. He finds out something and sets to seek the culprit. When they reach the den of the scientist deer, he wraps them up on rockets and tells them that he is happy now that no one would celebrate Diwali. He shows them the machine he invented for creating storms. He also narrates the story of his childhood and tells them that he hates Diwali because as a child he never got to celebrate it. Just when he pushes the button of the rocket, Guddu grabs him and they fly out in the sky!

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Guddu comes up with a plan. He asks Bunty and Babli to maneuver and land in the water. They are all saved and the scientist thanks Guddu for saving his life. They all celebrate the festival of Diwali together!

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