Guddu Episode 24 Review : The King Of The Jungle And The King Of The Snow Kingdom

It is #NonStopBachFUN as Guddu performs in the snow kingdom of penguins and seals. Can he save the day when the prince of the penguins is kidnapped?


The latest episode of Guddu is full of thrills and CHILLS! Guddu and his friends gear up for a new snowy adventure, and if you are reading this you must prepare yourself for a chilly tale. In the previous episodes, Guddu has proven himself as the king of Dhimkana Nagar by eliminating aliens and finding a lost baby dinosaur’s parents. But is Guddu as valued outside Dhimkana Nagar? In Falana Nagar, he is respected for his entertaining performances and for saving the citizens from goons. But what happens when Guddu lands in the kingdom of snow, Barfani Nagar? Read on to find out!

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In this episode, Guddu and his friends are performing at Falana Nagar, when suddenly a few penguins attack them. The king of the penguins, Sarangi, steps forward and shoots at Guddu with his ice gun. Guddu gets frozen in an ice block. Sarangi asks them who is the owner of the circus and evacuates the audience. When Guddu’s friends tell him that Guddu is the chief of the circus, he unfreezes Guddu and apologises. Guddu asks him why he was paying them a visit.

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Sarangi tells Guddu that he is from Antarctica and that he wants Guddu to perform at their circus in Barfani Nagar. Guddu tells him that they might fall sick, but Sarangi assures him that he will be extremely hospitable and will see to it that they are safe. Just then, Sarangi’s baby penguin, Punnu jumps at Guddu and pleads him to visit them. Guddu makes up his mind and sets on the journey with his friends.

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Guddu and friends start performing at the igloo made by penguins and a large crowd gathers to watch them perform. But the seals of Barfani Nagar get infuriated that outsiders are visiting them. They put a cloth over the igloo and make everything dark. They threaten Sarangi and the latter asks Guddu to return to his jungle. Guddu offers to help but Sarangi declines. Guddu still doesn’t feel right, but he gets on the airplane with his friends. Just when the flight is about to take off, Guddu sees that there is a blast in the igloo and the seals have kidnapped Punnu. He jumps off the plane and thrashes the seals. He saves Punnu’s life. When asked about the punishment, Sarangi says that he forgives the seals as they have stayed together on the same island for centuries. All’s well that end’s well!

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