Guddu Episode 37 Review: The Lion Tries To Help A Panda But Falls Into A Trap

In this episode of Guddu, he is fooled by a little Panda and his life is in danger. Will he be able to save his friends and himself?


In today’s episode of Guddu, we see how the lion manages to save himself and his friends. This #NonStopBachFUN episode begins with a tiny panda sitting in a car and shouting ‘Help, Help’. Ugli, Chugli and Googly try to help the Panda and his father by jumping on their car. They think that the car brakes have failed. Giru, Veeru and Balloo also hop onto it. But Guddu saves them by pulling them off and swerving the car. The Pandas thank Guddu profusely and tell him they have come to see him. Guddu is astonished. Panda father tells Guddu that his son Monu has an exhibition at his school at Panda Nagar. In this exhibition, he would display live animal statues!

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Guddu becomes very happy and tells Mr Panda that he would visit with his friends. But Panda tells him he has not arrived with an invitation but a request. He tells them that since Monu is not talented enough to make the statues himself, they need to stand in their place! Guddu’s friends refuse. But Guddu feels bad and decides to help Monu. They agree to the terms and sit inside the glass cabins made for the display of statues. All Pandas visit the next day and become extremely happy to view the wild animals. After three hours the exhibition ends.

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The Panda then tells Guddu and his friends that they would have to stay here for many days. Guddu is confused and the Panda reveals that Monu is a small bear in the disguise of Panda and they only fooled Guddu and his friends to bring them here. When Guddu threatens to come out with the secret of the life-size statues, the Panda threatens to kill Chugli with poisonous gas. They all agree to stay as they don’t want any harm to come to Chugli. The Panda leaves some armed watchmen to keep a watch on Guddu and his friends. The next day as the watchman sleeps, Guddu steals the keys and helps himself out. He thrashes all the watchmen and locks them up inside a cabin. He also beats up the Panda and the little bear. Guddu then tells them that now they would be on the display in the exhibition!

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