Guddu Episode 38-39 Review: The Lion Explains How Smartphones Are Important For Us

Smartphones are important when used correctly and this is what Guddu's latest episode is all about.

Source: ZEE

In the latest #NonStopBachFUN episode of the ZEE5 Kids Original Guddu, we will see how the lion and his friends decide to celebrate a week-long vacation! But their happiness is short-lived. Just when Guddu and his friends are looking at their diary and the next week’s expeditions to Champak Van and Nana Nani Chowk, someone delivers a message. Chakchak gives Guddu a message that the Lillyputs are very unhappy and need a visit from Guddu.

Guddu and his friends take a map and start finding the Lillyput Nagar in the jungle. Just when they reach a spot, they all fall through a hole and reach another place underground. There they see the small stones which start running. The Lillyputs roll out and show themselves. They tell Guddu about the magic of Mitthan, an evil magician. Guddu decides to help them and asks Mitthan to visit them for a show. Guddu takes Mitthan’s wand and breaks it into half thus making the Lillyput’s go back to their original shape. They thank Guddu for his help.

Source: ZEE
Source: ZEE

In the next episode, Guddu and his friends are seen creating a big ruckus. Chugli, Ugli and Googly’s uncle Gorilla visits them. They start clicking pictures on Gorilla uncle’s mobile. But as he tries to capture them, he slips off a cliff and falls. Guddu tries to help him and saves his life. Gorilla uncle gifts all the animals of Dhimkana Nagar their own personal smartphones. They get engrossed in their phones. Guddu is disturbed by this. They perform very badly and Mayor Bear is embarrassed by them. He asks them to quit the circus.

Guddu and his friends start packing up when they hear that Mayor Bear’s nephew Lallu has been kidnapped. They start searching for him. Chugli reveals that he had been testing his smartphone’s night vision camera and therefore he captured a picture of the kidnapper. Guddu finds the kidnapper and he is caught asking for ransom. Guddu thrashes him and hands him over to Mayor Bear. Mayor Bear forgives Guddu and his friends and they promise him that they will not use the mobiles extensively.

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