Guddu Promo: It’s A Colourful, Joyous And A #NonStopBachFUN Ride

Have some #NonStopBachFun with the ZEE5 KIDS animated cartoon Guddu, a vegetarian circus lion, voiced by Javed Jaffrey. Premiering on 8 May 2020.

Animated Original series Guddu on ZEE5

ZEE5 Kids is ensuring that your child stays entertained and has #NonStopBachFun, even during this extended lockdown,with the most popular kids shows like Chhota Bheem, and popular mythological films like Ramayana and Mahabharat, animal animated cartoons like Zoo Wars and Dinofroz. ZEE5 Kids brings also you Guddu. the first original cartoon series to be launched on the platform, featuring a lion with a magical tail and super strength. What’s more? The lion, Guddu, is voiced by Javed Jaffrey, who is part of our childhood by narrating Takeshi’s Castle.

Guddu the lion is the star of the circus. He travels with his circus troupe which includes a monkey triplet named Chugli, Googly and Ugli, an elephant named Ballu and Veeru the rhinoceros. Guddu’s circus troupe draws crowds and makes him a star in ‘Dhimkana Nagar’.


However, Guddu is also the king of the jungle, and ensures the safety of all the animals under his care with brave and heroic acts. Guddu also has a magical tail which helps him fly and makes him the undisputed hero of the jungle.

Guddu is like the perfect Bollywood hero, with a talent for action, comedy and dance. In this promo he is seen copying the style of some of the most popular stars. The promo also shows Guddu imitating a funny dialogue from Javed Jaffery’s movie, Dhamaal too. 

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