Guddu Review: The Story Of A Vegetarian Lion Will Fill You With Joy And #NonStopBachFUN

Chugli, Veeru, Guddu's circus tricks and Bunty-Babli's romance will keep you glued to this thrilling ZEE5 KIDS original series. Deets inside.

Guddu on ZEE5 KIDS

To bring back the value of laughter, love, friendship and fun in our stressful lives, ZEE5 KIDS  launches an exclusive animated adventure-comedy series Guddu. This massive vegetarian lion will have you rejoicing over his jokes, rhymes and raps. With his amazingly talented animal friends, he runs a city circus in Falana Nagar. Engaging in various escapades, they travel from a jungle in Dhimakana Nagar to various towns like Khushi Nagar. He has a tight bond with Veeru, Ballu and Chugli and protects them from Kallu at any cost. To have #NonStopBachFUN, you should definitely watch the series and laugh with your loved ones. Read the full review here.

Watch the fun-filled trailer of Guddu here:

Guddu, the most cheerful and powerful lion, is voiced by Jaaved Jaaferi. The zest that he has for life and animals (people) will have you spring up from your seat, and change your mood into a jovial one. From the very beginning, your cheeks will start hurting because of smiling from ear to ear. You will instantly fall in love with Bunty-Babli, the flamingo couple. Their romance is heart-warming and their support for each other is what you will find yourself rooting for. They sound extremely adorable as they speak in a thick Gujarati accent.

In one episode, they visit Khushi Nagar, which has apparently turned into Dukhi Nagar. Guddu takes it upon himself to restore happiness in the city. He is accompanied by Veeru – the rhinoceros who spins the hula-hoop, Kallu – the elephant who does balancing acts and Chugli – one of the monkey triplets who emcees the circus and performs trapeze. They find out that the city has become gloomy because the king and queen have lost their only daughter, Khushi. Determined to make them laugh again, the circus troupe puts up the best act of their lives.

Guddu at his city circus in Falana Nagar
Guddu at his city circus in Falana Nagar

Don’t be surprised if you hum nursery rhymes along with Guddu because he has his own style of rapping them. He creates a new version of “Johnny Johnny, yes papa” and busts Ballu and Chugli’s mischief. But, he is extremely protective of them, when Kallu – the goon buffalo threatens to harm them. In the fight scene between Guddu and Kallu, the lion pounces with all his might on the buffalo and jabs a paw right in his face. Shower a round of applause on him from your homes, as he leaves no stone unturned to wipe out evil with his goodness.

This extremely entertaining circus will leave you awestruck. Babli (flamingo) stands on her feet looking upwards and Veeru (rhino) balances himself with his horn on her beak. And Ballu (elephant) stands on Veeru who is upside down. Ballu holds up three hoops with his long trunk. Get ready for this! In the blink of an eye, Guddu catapults himself through a trapeze and flies through the topmost hoop and lands smoothly on the ground. His sheer excellence will make you want to try acrobatics and gymnastics. All of this has only one purpose and that is happiness!

Watch the incredible exploits of this friendly lion in the animated series Guddu, on May 8, 2020, exclusively on ZEE5 KIDS.