Gypsy: 5 Reasons To Watch Jiiva And Natasha Singh’s Political Romantic Drama

Raju Murugan's latest offering Gypsy is touted to be a romantic musical! Watch this Tamil film on ZEE5 on July 17, 2020.


Raju Murugan’s latest offering Gypsy is touted to be a romantic musical. It covers a range of national issues, mainly it talks about the politicisation of religion. Produced by S. Ambethkumar under the banner, Olympia Movies, the film Gypsy features Jiiva (Gypsy) and Natasha Singh (Waheeda) in the lead roles. The supporting cast includes Lal Jose, Sunny Wayne, Susheela Raman. ZEE5 will start to stream the film online on July 17, 2020, so get ready to enjoy and experience Jiiva’s journey!

Watch the trailer of Gypsy here:

And, here’s why we think Jiiva’s Gypsy could be added to your lockdown watchlist.

1. Storyline

Gypsy revolves around a boy named Gypsy, who lives a nomadic lifestyle. The film takes us on a journey of Gypsy (a wandering musician) and Waheeda’s (a girl from an orthodox Muslim household) love story. However, the communal riot affects the duo’s happy married life and separates Gypsy from his wife and son. Watch the film to see whether Gypsy is able to find his wife Waheeda and his kid.

2. The ugly truth

The filmmaker Raju Murugan, who gave us two amazing films like Cuckoo and Joker, brings a unique character Gypsy in Tamil cinema. Alongside a beautiful love story of Gypsy and Waheeda, the director also showcases the ugly game played by the politicians, who selfishly utilise religion in order to gain personal goals. Will Gypsy be able to figure out a way to unite the people of Varanasi, who were divided during the riots, through his music? You will all get your answers on July 17, 2020.

Source: ZEE5

3. Songs

Raju Murugan’s film will remind you of Arvind Swamy’s Bombay, where we saw a similar angle when the lovers get separated following communal violence. However, Jiiva’s character will slightly remind you Bollywood actor Ranbir Kapoor’s role from the film Rockstar. The music for the film has been scored by Santhosh Narayanan, who had also composed music for Rajinikanth’s Kabali and Vijay Sethupathi’s Soodhu Kavvum. He creates magic with his signature crossover style. His unique talent stands out in this film too.

Source: ZEE5

4. Lead pair

Popular star Jiiva and Natasha Singh, who play the lead roles in the film, have amazing onscreen chemistry. Their rapport creates a magic on-screen like never before. You need to watch the film the believe it!

5. Performances

Jiiva’s portrayal of Gypsy is brilliant, while Natasha Singh is apt as Waheeda. Besides these two, Sunny Wayne and Lal Jose stood out with their performances. Well, the other stars too prove their mettle with their acting prowess.

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