Haapus, Mulshi Pattern: 7 Films You Can Binge Watch With Your Dad This Father’s Day

June 21 is the day to celebrate fathers. So why not pick a movie from this list and watch it with your Dad today? Make it count!

1. Kaccha Limbu

We celebrate women in every form be it mother’s day, daughter’s day, or even women’s day! However, it does not mean that men are any less worthy of being appreciated. And for this reason, days like Father’s day, men’s day, and others came into existence. Men also love being pampered, especially fathers, who put an entire lifetime of hard work into making us successful. There are special ways in which you can let your father know how much he means to you. And spending time with them is one of them. While you talk and catch up you can also indulge in one of these films on ZEE5 that will make your bond stronger!

You can also watch how Chintu’s father makes his birthday special in Chintu Ka Birthday!

Kaccha Limbu starring Ravi Jadhav and Sonali Kulkarni is a National award-winning gem. The film is about a special child with intellectual disability. The child (Bachu) needs care and his parents are torn between their love for him and for each other.

2. Mulshi Pattern

Another classic of Marathi cinema, Mulshi Pattern is loosely based on real-life events of a small village in Pune. There was a wave when farmers were asked to sell their lands in exchange for a huge sum of money and many fell prey to this trap. They earned money but lost their land and to avenge this, their sons joined violent gangs. Sakharam and Rahul’s broken relationship will help you fix yours with your father!

3. Patil

Krishna quits his studies and his career goes for a toss as he chooses the love of his life over it. Pushpa and Krishna’s happiness is short-lived as soon he decides to leave for the city to make his father’s dream come true.

4. Madaari

Irrfaan Khan’s film will make you emotional and how. The late actor plays the role of Nirmal, a man who loses his son and is unable to find him due to the government’s negligence. He is in no mood to give up and decides to kidnap the Home Minister’s 10-year-old son to seek revenge. Will Nirmal find his son?

5. Khwada

Balu is a talented wrestler who goes on winning local tournaments. But his talent makes his entire family fall into trouble. As Balu wins over the local landlord’s son, his father Raghu and his entire family is forced to move from one village to another!

6. Dambis

A young boy Parth wishes to have a grandfather but when his parents get fed up of his constant demand, they hire an actor to play the part. The actor (Makarand Anaspure) lives with him and they have a very good time together. Later, they both run away, to Parth’s parents’ astonishment!

7. Haapus

Anna and his son Ajit develop a tension amongst themselves when Ajit asks him to trade the Haapus mangoes. Anna refuses and cites astrological reasons. But Ajit goes ahead as he gets pressurised by others. A trader is against Ajit in the market. Will he be able to face him without Anna’s support?

Happy Father’s Day to all the daddies out there!

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