Happy Bday Sandhya Mridul:Here Are 5 Things We Learnt From Your Mentalhood’s Character AJo

Strong, powerful and unstoppable, here's what every mom has learnt from b'day girl Sandhya aka AJo of Mentalhood.

1. A perfectionist

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Popular actress Sandhya Mridul was currently seen essaying the role of a supermom Anuja Joshi (AJo), the Momzilla of the ZEE5 Original series Mentalhood. The actress celebrates her birthday on 28 March and turns 45 years old this year. The actress received a lot of appreciation for her spectacular performance in the emotional web series. In the show, the Sandya plays the character of a strict mom who is perfect in everything. AJo’s character is quite powerful and other moms are scared of her. On the occasion of her birthday, let’s have a look at five qualities a mother can pick up from AJo:

AJo is a perfectionist and a supermom in Mentalhood. She wants her kids to be as perfect as her. AJo is one of the busiest moms shown in the series and can go to any extent to make her kids achieve perfection in their lives. “AJo is the perfect mother and is quite strict with her children. She believes in a disciplined lifestyle and always being on top of the game and best in everything. She gets neurotic and is a volatile character. AJo can be your best friend, and at the same time, your worst enemy, depending on how she is feeling about you on that given day. She is fiercely protective of her children. She can be a bully and has a very tough facade. AJo is a powerful character and other moms are extremely scared of her.” She shows as if she is the toughest woman from outside, but is shattered and broken from inside.

2. Loves heading all the duties

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AJo is the head of the PTA in Global Internation School and keeps an eye on every activity. Right from kids healthy habits to their studies, exams, AJo is aware of what is happening. Other super moms term AJo as a GI mom and a neurotic mother. AJo has the responsibility of 2 kids and keeps herself involved in her kids’ life. She keeps a check on her daughter’s life and checks her phone. She balances her responsibilities in the house as well as in the school. She is shown as the go-to person for any problem as without her permission nothing can happen. AJo dominates the activities of the school more than the principal.

3. Loves framing new parenting ideas

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AJo loves framing new parenting ideas and is crazy about her kids and perfect family. In the GI school also, AJo has set new healthy rules for the kids and tells their parents to not give them oily food and instead opt for oats, fruits, vegetables. According to AJo, a working mother is not a good mother as she does not take care of her child. She even believes in the concept that raising kids in art and perfection is everything. She does not get affected by what other’s say and loves to make others work according to her.

4. Fiercely protective of her children

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AJo is extremely protective for her kids like any Indian mom. She can go miles for her kids’ happiness and can fight with anybody in the universe. She does not want her kids to know the truth about her bitter wedding and always wears a mask on her face. She does not let her marital problems affect her kids’ lives.

5. Always being number one

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AJo believes in the concept of being number one in everything. Like her, she wants her kids to be on top of their game in every activity and prove their worth. She keeps pushing her kids limit and forces them to perform excellently. She does not believe in giving excuses but doing one’s best to prove their abilities. In the promo video, AJo screams at her daughter and tells her to study hard. Her daughter tells AJo to stop pushing her, to which she says that being a mother she must push her to do better.

The ZEE5 Original web series is directed by Karishma Kohli and created by Ekta Kapoor. The emotional series is produced by Rupali Guha under FilmFarm India banner. The story of the web show revolves around the journey of crazy moms of motherhood. Mentalhood will feature Karisma Kapoor, Shruti Seth, Tillotama Shome and Dino Morea in pivotal roles.

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