Happy Birthday Makarand Anaspure! 8 Best Comedy Films Of The Actor You Can Watch On ZEE5

The king of comedy, Makarand Anaspure celebrates his birthday today. Let's look at some of his best works in comedy films available on ZEE5.

1. Wanted Bayko No. 1

Wanted Bayko No. 1 poster
Source: ZEE5

Makarand Anaspure is one of the few actors who could give the industry a run for its money with his comic timing. Affectionately called by his fans as ‘Makya,’ the actor created a space for himself with his unique dialect and typical laugh. He has managed to create an impact with his socially relevant films. Aside from this, the actor is also known for hilarious roles in comedy films like Dambis, Haapus, and Galit Gondhal Dilit Mujra. On the actor’s birthday, let’s look at some of his best works in comedy films that you can watch on ZEE5.

Wanted Bayko No. 1 is a comedy-drama that is based on the life of a sex-starved bachelor who wants to find the girl of his dreams. He seeks the help of his friend who helps him get married to a dominating woman. Chaos ensues after his marriage as he’s forced to live an unsatisfied life.

Watch this hilarious film starring Makarand Anaspure here.

2. Dambis

Dambis poster
Source: ZEE5

After becoming a successful actor, Makarand ventured into direction with Dambis. It is a slice-of-life comedy-drama that highlights the problems children in a nuclear family who are deprived of their grandparents’ love have to face. The story of the film revolves around Parth who develops a great bond with his make-believe grandfather played by Makarand. This film will surely make you laugh and cry at the same time. You can watch it here.

3. Galit Gondhal Dilit Mujra

A Still From Galit Gondhal DIlit Mujra
Source: ZEE5

Galit Gondhal Dilit Mujra is a comedy film based on the political happenings in a typical village in Maharashtra. The story revolves around Narayan Wagh (Makarand Anaspure) who notices the fight between the Sarpanch and the local MLA and decides to take advantage of this situation by contesting elections against them. The film is a subtle commentary on the political system at the grassroots levels. Apart from Makarand, Nagesh Bhonsle and Sayaji Shinde play important roles in this film. Watch the drama unfold here.

4. Haapus

Poster Of Marathi Film Haapus
Source: ZEE5

Makarand has also featured in the film Haapus, along with Subodh Bhave, Madhura Velankar, Shivaji Satam, and Pushkar Shrotri. The plot revolves around a family of farmers who grow mangoes in Konkan. One of them decides to get rid of the middlemen and sell mangoes himself to earn more profit. Will he be able to do so and put an end to their sufferings? To find out, watch the comedy film here.

5. De Dhakka

Poster Of Marathi Movie De Dhakka
Source: ZEE5

Directed by Mahesh Manjrekar, De Dhakka is a film released in 2008 that revolves around the struggles of a financially distressed family. They decide to travel to Mumbai to support their daughter’s dream of participating in a dance competition. However, the journey to Mumbai turns out to be a life-changing one for the family who huddle close together despite the odds going against their favour. Makarand is paired with stars like Shivaji Satam, Medha Manjrekar, and Siddharth Jadhav in this film. You can watch the film on ZEE5 here.

6. Nau Mahine Nau Divas

A Still From Nau Mahine Nau Divas
Source: ZEE5

Nau Mahine Nau Divas is set around the family of Deshmukhs who have a history of adoption since not a single woman in seven generations has been able to conceive a baby. However, the newly married couple in the family decides to go against the practice and have their own baby. They take help from Dr Shriram who provides homemade remedies for them to conceive a child. But will they be successful in giving birth to the firstborn child in their family? Laugh your hearts out by watching this film here.

7. Saade Maade Teen

A Still From Saade Maade Teen
Source: ZEE5

Saade Maade Teen is a comedy based on the lives of three brothers — Chandan, Ratan, and Madan, who make ends meet by running a garage. The eldest brother Ratan is against the concept of love and therefore doesn’t allow either of his younger brothers to fall in love. Things go downhill when one of them falls for a young girl. Watch how he struggles to convince his brothers in this film starring Ashok Saraf, Bharat Jadhav, Siddharth Jadhav, and of course, Makarand Anaspure. This film was a huge commercial hit at the box office. Watch this blockbuster hit here.

8. Pipani

Pipani poster
Source: ZEE5

Pipani is a dark comedy based on the plight of farmers in a village affected by unseasonal rains. A farmer commits suicide in the village and a Hollywood filmmaker decides to make a film about it. During the shoot, the director and the actors engage in conversation with the villagers to understand the situation who give their ridiculous opinion on it. This film will tickle your funny bone and make you realise the gravity of the situation in Maharashtra at the same time. Catch the film here.

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