Harleen Sethi On Broken But Beautiful Season 2: Sameera Made Me Emotionally Vulnerable!

In an interview with ZEE5, the lead actress of Broken But Beautiful Season 2 spilled the beans on her journey from Harleen to Sameera! Read more here!

Harleen Sethi ZEE5 Interview

Premiered last year on 27 November 2019, Broken But Beautiful Season 2 is a ZEE5 Original romantic series starring Harleen Sethi as Sameera and Vikrant Massey as Veer. The 10-episode web drama also features Gaurav Arora, Anuja Joshi, Pooja Bhamrah, Sameer Roy, Akriti Singh and others. Sameera, who was a psycho-ex in season 1, underwent a metamorphosis into a calmer, but clingy lover who refuses to let go. Harleen’s performance has been delightful but she also had some intense and painful scenes.

In a fun interview with ZEE5 on 14 February 2020 at the 2nd-anniversary celebration of the largest OTT platform in Mumbai, Harleen Sethi shared her heart on the experience of making her digital debut, working with her co-star, essaying Sameera and much more.

Watch the candid interview here:

1. Please share with us your experience of playing Sameera in Broken But Beautiful 2!

It was an amazing journey. She is in a crucial phase of her life, being in love! I think I changed as a person just by playing Sameera. It’s very special to me.

2. How was it working with Vikrant Massey? How do you find him as a co-star?

It was amazing because he is such an experienced actor and I have learnt a lot from him. We had fun on sets and improvised between scenes. I understood Vikrant’s process of working and acting. He is very easy and comfortable to work!

3. What are the changes you underwent as a person from Harleen to Sameera?

It’s a very good question! I think I became more vulnerable and I tried to do that more inside out. I didn’t want to portray it outwardly. I wanted to feel how she was actually feeling. So, I did a lot of that internal work, so that her vulnerabilities could show in her eyes! She’s a very complicated character. I think that really changed me!

4. Does your emotional journey and vulnerability translate in the poetry you write?

I don’t really think that has happened because of Sameera. There’s a certain vulnerability hidden inside of you. So my poetry is usually because I’m in the mood, or I’m inspired. I had gone for meditation at Vipassana and there I wrote a few lines!

5. Apart from dance, meditation, poetry, what are the other things you love doing?

Singing! I also sang a song in Broken But Beautiful Season 2. The reprise version of Teri Hogaiyaan is in my voice. I’m hopefully going to train myself in music too!

6. This is a romantic series. What are the other genres you would like to tap in the webspace?

As an actor, I want to be versatile in doing all the genres. One gets to learn a lot, exploring different emotions in all genres.

7. How would you say OTT platforms are changing the way of storytelling, as it’s your digital debut?

OTT platforms give you so much of liberty, not just to actors but also to the writers and directors. You don’t have the pressure of box-office. So you can explore characters and live their long emotional graph for 8-10 episodes as opposed to a 2-3 hour film. OTT platforms have just changed the game!

8. How would you like to wish ZEE5 on their 2nd anniversary?

I would like to congratulate ZEE5 on their anniversary. They’re doing a phenomenal job with the content their producing. The way they package and promote their products is amazing. Only upwards and onwards to them from me!

9. Will your fans see you more on-screen this year? 

Hopefully, yes! That wait is on for projects to start. A few things are locked, others are in the talks! I’ll start something new very soon!

Let us know in the comments section what do you think of Sameera and her love-life! For that, you must go and watch Broken But Beautiful Season 2 streaming on ZEE5 Originals now!